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Hi pals!

Just a quick review for you today, you might have heard of it yonks ago but sometimes I fear I live under a rock.

The Original Beauty Blender came onto my radar when M told me about it (many times!) and raved about how good her dupe one was. I just couldn’t get over the sponge applicator things and decided my Real Techniques were enough for me.

The BB as it will now be called (I’m lazy at typing right now, 4.30am starts all week have ruined my body clock!) made it’s way into my life courtesy of my aunty who gave my her Birchboxes that she had been bought as a gift – what a super hero she is!

I’ve loved getting them as you can imagine and have had a lot of fun rummaging every time one appears. This one was particularly exciting though when i realised i had a REAL one!



Let’s face it, the pink excites me. It’s super girly for a gadgety kind of thing and I almost didn’t want to get it dirty by adding foundation, but i took a deep breath and got over it.

I have been told that using the blender whilst wet is the best way forward so I run this under the tap quickly and squeeze/shake off the excess so it’s damp. I have found from experience that using a thicker foundation such as Vichy Dermablend as opposed to something thinner like UD’s Naked Skin works better but that may just be me. I found thicker products easier to blend out and give an even coverage whereas the thinner products tended to move around my face!

Here’s a photo of my face where I’ve applied Dermablend with the BB. It creates a flawless base for other products to be added onto and the pointed end helps to blend around the nose and eyes, and is great for concealer application too.



It also comes with it’s own nifty little cleansing block which is very handy and lovely surprise!

I’ve used this a few times and washing the blender is easy, rinse it under the tap, rub the bar onto the sponge and lather it up before rinsing. There really is no excuse but to wash this one regularly (though I always seem to find one!)


I have totally come round to the idea of a Beauty Blender and have been enjoying using it on my face in the mornings, definitely a girls version of a gadget!

It creates a flawless base quite easily, and although you might think it will take you longer than using a brush it actually doesn’t which surprised me. The only drawback i can see is that it costs £16.50, which by all accounts is a little excessive. It’s more expensive than a lot of brushes which seem to have a lot more work gone into them, if it was price more at the £10 mark i probably wouldn’t have batted an eyelid!

Having said that, if that’s all that I can find that’s wrong with it….maybe it is worth the price.

Have you tried the Beauty Blender before? Are you a lover or a hater?
Have you found a comparable dupe?

L xxx

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