Korres Coloured Hair Shampoo and Conditioner


I seem to rarely buy or try hair products, I’m quite lucky that my hair is quite pliable and does what I want it to without much hassle. however it has become very dry after a long summer and lots of highlights. I’ve been dying it back darker recently and hopefully less of the stripping effects of highlights will also help, but after seeing these Korres shampoo and conditioner on offer at 2 for £10 at Waitrose I snapped them up for a try.


I chose the set for coloured hair containing Sunflower and Mountain tea.

The designs of the bottles are quite simple and standard, its a little confusing to have so many languages on the bottles but it’s an international brand and I don’t see why more brands shouldn’t do this. Although the bottles are standard in design they do feel quite substantial so they won’t break easily if you drop them in the shower, like I seem to do all the time!


The shampoo feels quite thick to use on the hair and lathers up easily, this is probably due to SLS being present which is confusing again as Korres are a ‘free from’ brand and do not use many chemicals that other brands do. Having said that, my hair felt clean but not ‘squeaky’ and it didn’t matt together which it can do with shampoo that is drying.

I can’t comment on it’s colour protection as mine has faded since being dyed anyway, as it will with blonde hair being changed back to dark brown! But my hair did feel clean and I’d use it again.



The conditioner was also very nice, it was hydrating and felt thick and moisturising on the hair and scalp. My hair felt a lot smoother and silky after drying so it clearly works and I’ve enjoyed using it.

I also like that Korres list on the sides for each product what the formula facts are including everything that it doesn’t contain and who it is catered for.


Having said all of this….finding out that at full price these products are £10 each I wouldn’t say that these were worth that. The 2 for £10 was a great deal and I’ve enjoyed using them as a treat, but I couldn’t justify spending £10 on them each as they’re just no different to a lot of other shampoo and conditioners that I’ve tried.

Have you tried products from Korres? What is your favourite? 

I’ve heard their lip butters are amazing but I’ve got so many eos spheres to get through at the moment I don’t need any more!

L xxx


  1. Hattie Constance
    October 9, 2014 / 12:02 pm

    I really like these when they are on offer, by far my favourite shampoo/conditioners! Project Rattlebag x

  2. Beauty Bird
    October 11, 2014 / 6:26 pm

    I didn't know Waitrose sold Korres!! Definitely recommend the lip butters, I have Quince which has a lovely pink tint to it xx

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