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Hey All

Yet another week and I keep struggling to find time to post. I’ve got so much I want to post about but life is well and truly speeding by at the moment.

This week I have had a better excuse after and being ill. I think a combination of a long weekend, lots of stress and being busy in most aspects of my life all caught up with me.

My other half has been back from his 6 weeks away for two weeks now so a lot of time has still been spent catching up with him.

The weekend before last we did the Cardiff half which definitely had me saying never again. From mile 10 was sheer pain for me after pulling something in my foot. I’ve never been so close to crying as I crossed a finish line but I do find the half marathon very over whelming at the finish line. I do think it’s actually harder than tough mudder in a lot of ways I’m sure I’ll be persuaded to do more I always do.


I also introduced the other half to two of my oldest friends for judgement! For once I think I may have one they approve of!


This weekend I was in the lake district with the other halfs work. It’s set up like a top gear challenge.  The biggest rule I hated, no sat nav!!! I definitely can’t read maps and got us lost in the first four towns we had to pass through.  The route was also a scenic one with stop points and a quiz along the way. We ended up travelling for almost 11 hours but it went surprisingly quick and I can now read a map. I think I need to prepare myself quizs for journeys!



Saturday was spent at a local show and then exploring the local area. We decided to take my new walking boots up ths mountain to test them out. About halfway up friends decided they were turning back so somewhere along the line it got decided we’d cut down the mountain so we could still follow the path back along the river as planned. Disaster for the girl that can barely stand upwards let alone going down steep hills with rocks and streams. I managed to catch my laces in my boot loops, tie my feet together and do a few rolls before landed in a river like a rag doll. Luckily I put my hands out so a few bruises and no lasting damage later! You really forgot how much you use your hands till you bruise both of them!



Last night was spent at a gig in Bristol seeing Laura Viers. She’s someone I’d heard a little about but not loads. I really enjoy going to gigs so I don’t mind if it’s people I’ve mot heard of. It was a really small but good gig! I’d definitely see her again.

After a late megabus and a busy weekend ahead (L and I are off to catch up with uni friends, go to Harry Potter world and have a Harry Potter filled geek catch up. I can’t wait! !) Tonight will be spent catching up witj homeland! I can’t wait to see this weeks episode!

Love M


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