Lush H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

Happy Friday lovelies!

On a recent trip to Lush in Cardiff for a blogger event I was won over by the sound of the H’suan Wen Hua hair treatment; although I have absolutely no idea how to say it!



This hair treatment claims to improve the condition, lustre and combability of hair; it’s protein rich and nourishing containing ingredients used for centuries to help strengthen hair.

It contains free range eggs, bananas and avocados along with a myriad of oils.

It did concern me that it also contains alcohol and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) which can damage your hair by drying it, but when I asked the assistant in store she explained that the treatment can be so thick that it is necessary for them to be present to help remove it from the hair or it would never come off. This is understandable and hopefully the positive effects will outweigh any effects of the alcohol and SLS.


So as in the image above you apply this treatment to dry hair for 20 mins before washing and conditioning as normal. I normally think of this too late and don’t have 20 minutes spare but I’ve been trying hard to actually use the things I buy and have made special effort to get my hair in good condition for being cut and dyed.


The treatment is thick and cream coloured, with a strong smell of cloves. To be honest i wasn’t a huge fan of the smell but it wasn’t too overpowering so I put up with it! I’m not one of those people who like strong fragrances at all, I’m that person who likes the ‘fluffy towels’ or ‘clean cotton sheets’ type candles so cloves really aren’t my thing!

That said it was easy to apply, if a little cold feeling and I pottered around setting up my shower and getting my clothes out for afterwards whilst it worked its magic. It rinsed off really easy and then I shampooed and conditioned as normal.


I really liked this hair treatment, I’m not sure I’d rush to repurchase as it’s quite expensive for the £9.75 price tag for what was three applications worth. My hair is very long so it is quite a lot when you compare with other hair treatments which cost around £5 for the same size tub.

It’s really nice to know that the ingredients are 100% natural and I know you pay more for it but still, it is something that i have to factor in to my choices nowadays.

If money was no option though i would repurchase because I liked the results, my hair was shinier and appeared to be in better condition. it also felt stronger too and after more applications I’m sure it would improve quite a lot. 


I’d definitely recommend the H’Suan Wen Hua hair treatment, though maybe for individuals with longer hair there may be a cheaper alternative? Who knows, I’ll have to investigate!

Have you tried this hair treatment? Which is your favourite? 

My hair needs more suggestions asap!

L xxx

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