Lush Ocean Salt Scrub

Hey pals!

This is a super quick post from me as were both on our way to….wait for it…..HARRY POTTER STUDIOS TODAY!!!

To say I’m excited is an understatement, we went once over a year ago but this time it coincides with the Dark Arts exhibition so were very excited to see the extra things and go with a group of friends too. Expect a post and lots of tweets, eek!

That aside, I’ve been loving a bit of Lush lately which for me is out of the norm as I’d never normally travel that end of town. but a few new purchases and a few blogger goody bags and I’m slowly changing my mind. I’ve got a few reviews coming up but this one is for the Ocean Salt Scrub which I’m sure for many of you is nothing new at all, but for me, it’s love!



First off, I picked this one in the Self Preserving formula which is fairly new for this product and it means it will last AGES which is great news for me as I like to swap and change things sometimes or might give my skin a break from certain types of products for a bit as it is weirdly sensitive (currently nursing a reaction from e45 cream from 4 weeks ago, siiiiiiiiiiigh)

The ingredients in this lovely product can be seen in the image below, if somewhat blurry at the end:



I’ve been using this for face and body and it smells absolutely GORGEOUS. i think what puts me off about Lush is the strong smells, I know everyone loves them but I can’t stand them! My nose is very sensitive and I can smell scents quite quickly, there’s no need to over power my nose. Things like Snow Fairy look gorgeous but I just can’t deal with the smell, sorry superfans!

The citrus smell of this beauty is something that I just can’t get enough of, its FABULOUS and my pot is diminishing faster than a plate of food does in my house (trust me, thats lightning speed!)

You only have to look at it to see it’s pretty swirl of cream and blue and then get a whiff of fresh citrus scents to want it and it has certainly won me over. I’ve been using this in the shower on face and body, the usual backs of the arms kind of places and my skin has been super smooth and not irritated in the slightest.


The smell wakes me up in the mornings and the scrubby bits do the perfect job of exfoliation, cannot go wrong with this one!

As if it wasn’t perfect enough already, it has also got vodka and coconut oil in, what a winner.

The 250g pot of this costs £13.95 which is a bit steep, but when you know its 100% natural and unlikely to become a product that adds to the millions of microbeads washing into our water systems all the time then you know you’re onto a good one!

Have you tried Ocean Salt Scrub? do you prefer the self preserving one? What else would you recommend from lush for me to try that isn’t too strong on the nose?

L xxx

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