Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella

Happy Friday lovely people!

I’ve got a lovely quiet(ish) weekend lined up where I’m meeting some old friends for lunch and aside from that it’s going to be relaxation and bliss on the cards…..and a whole lot of catching up on tv! This new job has taken up a lot of my time doing extra reading and trying to keep up with my gym and classes so I’m looking forward to catching up with everything else.

A few weeks ago both myself and M nabbed ourselves one of the Space NK Gift With Purchase bundles that I haven’t even begun to get through; free stuff is so much fun. But obviously we had to spend £150 to get said gifts and this became my opportunity to snap up some much raved about Nars products. I’d never used any whatsoever before this so had quite a wishlist and proceeded to cross some of them off; I’ve previously posted about the infamous Orgasm blush – post here – and now you can read my review of the nearly as famous Lip Pencils.


It didn’t take much convincing for me to add this to my basket, Anna from VDM who I’m sure you all MUST be aware of always looks gorgeous wearing hers so as we are the same colouring it was a no brainer.

Cruella, as if I could leave it after seeing that name! Brings back all the memories of the oh so glamorous Ms Deville and the colour is perfectly fitting.



It’s a matte lip pencil, there is also a satin and a velvet gloss lip pencil range (come back for a future review of a satin pencil also!) and so I snapped up one from each range for comparison purposes….obviously.

The pencils themselves are typical in NARS design with monochrome packaging but have the added advantage of having a coloured base; this would be great when choosing between nude, red, pink etc but may be problematic with differentiating between reds…however I don’t own enough of them at this point to worry about that!


The Lip Pencils are super easy to use, I have used liner with this one as I have a similar colour to match it but they haven’t bled a single time i’ve used them so are good enough to use without one. The colour is so pigmented and although the matte did feel quite dry on application compared to other lip products, it didn’t actually dry my lips out any further.




Clearly they are easy to use, you just need a larger sharpener to get the pencil in (rumour has it UD’s Grindhouse is the best – added to wishlist!) and it’s so easy to apply the colour that you could even slick on a layer whilst on the bus – though you’ll definitely need to check you are in the lines for a colour this bold!

So how does it look on?

These photos were taken with minimal make up apart from the lip pencil and I love the slightly vampy look!




I love the colour, it’s a perfect red and I can see me wearing this a lot in future. Even though these photos were taken in natural day light the colour in reality did seem to be darker than the photos show but nevertheless you can see the finish.

I was really impressed by the wear time of these lip pencils too. I’m sure I went a good 6 hours without the need to reapply and that was through multiple meals/snacking/drinks and I think i reapplied purely for the feeling of knowing there was something on my lips!

I would fully recommend the matte range and am tempted to look at the other colours but must resist for the next month or so…..

The Matte Lip Pencils come in at £18 for 2.4g of product and are available in 21 colours.

Have you tried one of the matte lip pencils? What’s your favourite colour? Any recommendations for future NARS purchases??

L xxx

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