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Morning lovelies!


A few weeks ago M picked up all of these goodies for us both, everything was massively reduced in Debenhams and some were down to £3 – something that we obviously just could not ignore!

We wrote about the Viper Venom Serum from Nip and Fab and you can find the review here.


The triple pack of Clean Fix oil was irresistible, we’ve both been looking for a way to get into double cleansing and this was it. Three bottles of this should have cost us £30.75 but the pack was reduced to £10.25, this was then further reduced to something like £3 which was just unbelievable! We couldn’t wait to get them home and give them a try.



I have always liked the designs of the products from N+F, they have a simple design where the colours change dependant on the range and everything feels really sturdy.

The clean fix oil claims to not only be a cleanser but also a make up remover which i was keen to test, getting rid of heavy eye make up is always something I need!

After reading the bottle I was disappointed however to find that it contained mineral oil and this is something I really try to avoid putting on my face if i can help it and many other face oils don’t contain it so i don’t see it as a necessary ingredient.


Having used it for a few weeks I can say that it definitely does remove make up very easily, the oil turns to a white milk when rinsed off and then you can cleanse your skin properly without it being covered in grime.
It was the perfect introduction for me to double cleansing and I’d look into buying another oil to cleanse with, however this one just isn’t right for me. I don’t want to use mineral oil and also, this is no longer available to purchase anywhere that I’ve looked! Maybe they’re reformulating or repackaging it as oils are big news for cleansing nowadays.

The smell of this was lovely which I feel I should mention but it also just disappeared from the bottle and after just a few weeks of usage I could easily have finished it.

On a side note, I’ve started using it to clean my make up brushes and it works WONDERS at melting the excess make up off the brush before I can cleanse it properly with baby shampoo and ensure it is bacteria free. There’s always a silver lining eh!

Have you tried cleansing oils? Which would you recommend? Do you avoid mineral oil?

L xxx

Hey All

I’m currently heading up to a weekend in the Lake District with the other half and his work colleagues. After a stressful first 5 hours of me trying to navigate a route from maps (sat navs are banned as it’s a challenge!) I’ve got 10 minutes break whilst we are on the M6. 

The Nip and Fab Clean fix Facial oil is another one of the bits I picked up for us when Debenhams had them massively reduced. I used to swear by my No.7 eye make up remover but lately I’ve let my skincare slip. (Another reason for the big nip and fab haul!) 


As an oily skinned person oil cleansers never appealed to me but as this was so reduced I couldn’t not grab it. It’s a very thick oil and I find about half a pump does my eyes and face. I love the fact it has a pump as I imagine any other form would be annoying with an oil.

The oil melts into my skin and literally dissolves all of my eye make up including they’re real! I then remove it using a hot cloth. My skin feels so soft after! I tend to use a scrub or a second cleanser and use the oil pure for make up remover.

The downside is that it does contain mineral oils so I have been concerned about it clogging pores and breaking me out. But so far so good.

It leaves my skin feeling really make up free but it does seem to be going down in the bottle. For the full price honestly I don’t think I’d pay for it. I just can’t fully get my head around oil cleansers. 

Are you a fan?

Love M

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  1. Hattie Constance
    October 12, 2014 / 8:06 am

    Can't believe you got this so cheap, even though it may not be the best it is definitely a bargain!Project Rattlebag x

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