Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair in Cardiff


If you hadn’t heard, Lou Lou’s Vintage Fair are one of the biggest vintage fairs in the UK and they regularly visit Cardiff’s City Hall. I was meant to go a few months ago but last minute plans changed things, so this weekend i was determined to go.

I had no idea what to expect, how much things would be, if I could haggle etc. It was a whole new experience and I loved every second. I picked up some lovely things so here they are:


Both of these bags were from the same stall, they were from the 1980s and cost £25 each. They have a few marks on them from small wear and tear but are in really good condition, especially the black one. I’m hoping with a bit of leather treatment they will come up good as new.

I’m hoping the black bag will be my new work bag, it’s perfect for keeping A4 paper in and has compartments in.


I absolutely love emerald green and have been looking for a coat this colour for a while. It seems to be a rare colour though as I’ve only seen them for £160. This one is from C&A all those years ago and is actually a size or 2 too big for me. However it’s a gorgeous warm coat and seems to look better oversized. It has a button missing but I think I’ll take off the top button and move it to the bottom to replace the missing one and it will be good as new. It cost me £35 which is a bargain!

Another stall had leather jackets on sale for £10……TEN POUND! They were all genuine leather too, and this one was in really good condition. Its in the style of a blazer and has pockets which are always handy. The tie at the waist also make it more flattering on me, I always need to be cinched in at the waist and can even swap this out for a waist belt.

This beautiful ring was so pretty I couldn’t leave it behind. It fitted my finger perfectly and it’s real silver. i don’t wear many rings but I’ve recently been wearing ones that look similar to this, I think they make a really nice statement piece.

The earrings below were also a bargain find. I rarely wear earrings as all of my small ones have been cheap and have therefore broken and I just haven’t replaced them. Normally I wear diamond looking ones but pearl ones are also just as classic and for £6 i couldn’t resist.


What do you think? 

I think they’re my new favourites!

I have to wait for some of these as my mum got me them for Christmas presents, though I am allowed to fix them up with the treatments and new buttons.

What do you think of vintage fairs? Do you love hunting out a bargain?

The next fair is in January and I will definitely be saving some Christmas money for it!

L xxx

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