Nip and Fab Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads

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My oh my isn’t it getting cold and wintery! I could do with having some gloves on as I’m typing this, my fingers are quite cold. I’ve successfully made the transition from summer pj’s to winter ones and am fully embracing my onesies, slipper socks and dressing gowns again. It’s my favourite time of year and i love being snuggly and warm!

After my recent skin care issues (I had an allergic reaction for an unknown reason that lasted a good 2 months) I’ve been a bit careful with my products. I went back to basics and tried to reintroduce items slowly to see if they were the cause of it but alas I am yet to find what it was.

One product that I was keen to try but had to wait (impatiently) was the Dragon’s Blood Fix Cleansing Pads, of which I had heard lots of good things about and wanted in my life.



I was fortunate to buy them when they were on offer so only cost me around £6.60 which I thought was pretty good value for money. The cleansing pads contain hyaluronic acid for additional hydration, salicylic acid to help cleanse pores and dragon’s blood for comfort and restoration of skin against environmental factors.

You’re probably thinking what the hell is dragon’s blood?! Isn’t this taking the Game of Thrones obsession a bit too far?!
It’s actually from a plant (no dragons were therefore harmed in the making of these products….) called Croton Lechleri and is used in many skincare products as well as for a dye, gastrointestinal medication and as well as a potential cancer drug.

Science lesson aside, the pot contains 60 pads for use twice a day so roughly a months worth from each pot.



I use the cleansing pad after having cleansed my face separately. I would imagine using these to remove make up would be a tad pointless and there’s no way you’d get the benefits. I have to say I’ve used similar products before that were useless and honestly I didn’t think these would be up to much.

I was quite surprised to find that i like them and that they seem to have a positive effect on my skin.


My skin has felt more hydrated and therefore plumped up, as well as having a clearer complexion. I’m not sure how much these help pores as I don’t really have any to compare the before and after but I would definitely recommend these.



For me, this has been one of those products that I’m not really sure what they do but they’ve had a positive effect on my facial skin and so I can’t really write a bad word about them!

Currently on offer at Boots for £6.60 ish they are normally just under £10. If it’s anything to go by I’ve already bought another pot for the future as I couldn’t resist an offer like that!

Have you tried the Dragon’s Blood Fix range? What did you think? Have you used similar cleansing pads like these before?

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