Nip and Fab: Viper Venom Eye Fix

Hi all!

As M mentioned in her post last week she will be taking a back seat (so to speak) over the next few months whilst she has tonnes of work on, so we have decided to move our joint Sunday posts to Mondays and you will have to make do with listening to L ramble on a bit more! Hopefully in a few weeks or so M will have a lot more time to write and review again.

Today’s joint review is another Nip and Fab product from the Viper Venom range; the Eye Fix.


The Eye Fix is a rollerball product which dispenses a gel/serum like product around the eye area.

It contains Liftonin and Syn-ake to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and also Red Algae Extract to reduce the look of dark circles. It all sounds pretty good to us!

The black and lime green packaging is also really cool too, I love that each range from Nip and Fab is colour coded to fit the products, i.e. yellow for the Bee range and red/orange for the Dragon’s Blood.


The first thing I liked about this product was how easy it was to use. I’ve never used rollerball products that much but I loved this one, it felt cooling and the product was dispensed evenly. There wasn’t any need to get your fingers (and potential bacteria) involved at all but i do like the rub any last bits into the skin myself as I’m usually in a rush to put my eye cream on!


I have been using this for the last few weeks morning and night, just rolling it all over my eye area from brow bone to just above my cheek and it sinks in pretty quickly. The eye area is something I am very aware of in terms of ageing so I try my best to give it the hydration it needs. My skin has definitely felt more hydrated since using it and the crepey effect of skin when it is dehydrated has reduced. I love how easy it is to pile on and just leave to sink in and you could pretty much apply this without the need for touching your skin at all.

It gets the thumbs up from me!

You can buy the Viper Venom Eye Fix from Boots for £14.95 normally but its currently on offer for £9.97. you can also buy this in the Viper Venom Duo Set which is also currently on offer for £16.63 instead of £24.95 and contains the serum which we have previously posted about here (and fully recommend FYI!)

Have you tried anything from Nip and Fab? What’s your favourite? Do you like using products containing ingredients such as bee sting and viper venom?

I’d fully recommend anything from their range so far!

L xxx


Hey All

As L said life is getting on top of me a bit lately and I needed a break but after spending so long on the blog with L I wasn’t quite ready to give it all up. Without her support I’d have definitely given it all up a long time ago so I’m very grateful to have her help me out with something I love.

Skincare is something I always push myself to use so when Nip and Fab was on a massive offer in Debenhams a few months back I couldn’t resist stocking up!


My eyes are probably my biggest concern. I look at my mum and see her’s and I’m pretty sure that’s how mine will end up. We have quite a lot of eyelid and her’s have sagged a bit so I’m hoping a good skincare regime will help me prolong it for a littler while.


I’ve used a few roller ball products before. Like the garnier concealer thing. I’m not convinced that ever really worked. I love the feeling of the roller ball on the eyes as the metal means it feels cooling and soothing which after a had day I find relaxing and first thing in the morning helps to wake me up.

I’ve been using it in conjunction with the serum we posted last week and have used both as an addition to my skincare so I apply this before an eye cream. I love the soothing feeling of it and my under eye area has definitely felt smoother and more hydrated over the past few weeks.

As L has mentioned in previous posts we definitely have developed a massive love for all things Nip and Fab. I’ve not found anything I dislike yet.

What’s your skincare routine?

Love M


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