Things I’ve Learnt This Week


After loving writing my quick posts of ‘Things I’ve Learnt This Week’ previously, I’ve decided to make it a regular feature (ish). Its a great easy way for me to communicate what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been trialling and what has interested me. Let me know if you like the new series or if you have any ideas how it could be made better, essentially i love lists and always have too much to say so it’s a great way for me to tell you more about my extremely exciting life…!

1) Vice 3. Not much else is necessary to say but the strips either side of the palette have been PERFECTION for work make up. Nude colours in matte and shimmer, it’s love.



I love the colours! So much fun to be had in future 🙂

2) Making big choices can be completely terrifying but can be the best choice you’ve ever made.
I was terrified to leave my job and give up the career that I’d worked so hard for. I’m lucky that I’ve found another job in a related field but in a completely different way and so far it has worked out for the best for me.

Sometimes I look back and can’t believe how unhappy I was nor how i managed to get the strength to leave a job I’d worked for 8 years to get.
It’s funny how things work out but I’m keeping everything crossed that this is all moving in the right direction and 2015 is going to be SUPER

3) Beauty Boxes never lose their appeal! Whichever one is in current favour with the blogging world, there is certainly one to tickle your fancy (ooh err!).

I recently snapped up these two – they really are like unwrapping presents to yourself;




I plan to do reviews on individual products rather than the boxes themselves as they are no longer available.

These were from Latest in Beauty and I can tell you that they have never disappointed me yet. Their Christmas ranges are even better too, £24.95 and there are three separate boxes available for almost every kind of female in your life! Perfect presents for hard to buy for people.

4) It doesn’t matter what you’re doing on the weekend; if the rugby is on and you’re Welsh it’s game over for everything else! I’m off to the Wales v Fiji match in the Millenium Stadium tomorrow – excited doesn’t cover it! If you’re Welsh, you’re watching it and i love the family culture around it all. It’s nothing like that with football and I much prefer feeling safe in a stadium! fingers crossed we can pull it out the bag this week for a successful family trip out.

5) Drawing spider diagrams and reading text books does not end when you finish uni. I thought it was just me but actually quite a lot of my friends also end up doing extra reading late into the night with a pad of A3 paper and coloured pens to go crazy with the annotations. Just shows you never really stop learning when you leave education!

6) I spent the weekend eating llama, horse, crocodile, ostrich, kangaroo and venison. It was lots of fun and whilst I did have some moral dilemmas I got over them to try new things; the end result was that I loved it all apart from kangaroo so at least I learnt something there!



What do you think of trying new foods? Would you try any of the meats that I did?

Let me know what you’ve been up to recently 🙂

L xxx

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  1. Rachel Grey
    November 14, 2014 / 5:32 pm

    I love the Vice 3 too. Your eye lashes look amazing in that photo!

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