Urban Decay Smoked Palette

So as palettes go….I think most would agree that Urban Decay take the crown with them.

Having bought my fair share (is it 8 now? eek!) I can’t believe that I didn’t own this one; the Smoked palette.



These colours are the colours I have been using for years all from random brands and not in a cohesive palette like this; it’s amazing. There’s the greys, the blue, the green, the purple, the browns and the super matte black. Not to mention the awesome primer potion and Perversion eye pencil that I might be a bit of a fan of.


The blurb on the back of the box pretty much says it all, and it comes with a booklet to help you get the most out of the palette including tips for blending and looks to try.

The packaging for this is different to other palettes, it has a zip all around it to contain the products inside and the material packaging looks really good. The only downside is that it may not be as robust as plastic palettes as it is only material over a cardboard exterior.

This where you can tell it was produced in 2012, they seem to have come a long way in their designs and packaging in the last few years.




So how about the inside of the palette? The ten eyeshadows are arranged in square shapes with the eye pencil in between the rows. It also comes with a mirror which is very handy for on the go or just generally really! I’ve been using it loads when doing my make up in my room even though I have multiple mirrors to use.


I have previously written a post on the Perversion 24/7 Eye Pencil which you can read here, so I won’t ramble on about it too much but it is the PERFECT pencil for this palette and if you ever buy any eye liner pencil you most definitely need this one.


So what do the colours come out like? The photos show swatches of the eye shadows in the same order as the rows in the palette, without and then with flash.



How beautiful are the colours?! I couldn’t resist but have a play around with them!



Both of the nudes barely show up on my skin but they are both good bases for a make up application. In fact I think I like them more for blending in so perfectly as they’re so easy to use.

Below I’ve applied Mushroom to the outer corners of my eyes and blended it through. I really like this look and have worn it to work. I’ve also worn the same look with Backdoor also blended in to darken and mattify the outer corner shown in the second picture:



One of the main reasons I wanted this palette so badly was the ability to produce a variety of smoky eye looks which didn’t revolve around the obvious black and grey. Green is one of my favourite colours for eyeshadow so Loaded was a colour I was keen to use:



I absolutely LOVE it and have been having so much fun with different looks.

Evidence is also a gorgeous blue colour with so much pigmentation, I applied it under my eyes for a colour contrast using silvery greys Mushroom and Asphalt on my eye lid for a separate look:



Do you love creating smoky eyes? Have you used the Smoked palette before? What’s your favourite colour to smoke out?

I’m looking forward to using this over the party season!

L xxx

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