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I’m sure we are all feeling very full and probably a little ashamed of our eating habits yesterday. As usual I ended up eating a massive Christmas dinner with cheesecake to finish and then following it up with a second round later on in the evening along with chocolates and nibbles….the guilt is unreal.

The last thing that is on my mind right now is getting ready for my next night out, particularly New Year’s Eve as it seems so far away and another eating/drinking session seems a bit vile. However the planning necessary for the hair and make up element of the night seems a nice and easy task right now.

I’ve been looking up some inspiration and instead of trying to create my own to show you I thought I’d leave it to the more capable hands of Pinterest. All of these images have come from my account if you’d like to view them (username is ‘thecsigirls’ you can find it by clicking in the toolbar to the right)

So yes, to double clarify, none of these are my own just purely some inspiration for some simple and some more extravagant beauty ideas for the end of year party.

I’m not sure you can ever go wrong with a winged liner and a red lip; even amongst these photos there are differences and each and every one of them look amazing. The bed head hair and the shiny red lip, porcelain skin and a matte red lip, followed by Kim Kardashian type eye make up and an ombre lip. The world is your oyster but each one looks classic and if you’re not sure where you’are going or want to play it safe this is the perfect option. (Or if you’re like me you’ll end up choosing it as a standard look every time you go out – what a fail safe)

Another fave is a winged liner and vampy lip, works best on super pale skin for the biggest contrast but also this liner is purple giving her a fresh take on the classic black and red combo. Experimenting with colours on the eyes is so much fun, I will definitely be using my new sets from Urban Decay for this as the brighter colours are gorgeous!

Another look that cannot go wrong is glitter, especially in metallic and nude form. Start with a nude smoky eye and you can build up glitter on the inner corners of the eye, the centre of the lid or generally all over for a proper princess look. I’m a fan of all three to be honest, sometimes you can get glitter to stick on top of eyeshadow with water but otherwise lash glue will work and I’ve even used vaseline to get it into a paste and that works really well.

As for hair styles, I’m very much a straightened or curly kind of girl. There’s no level of experimentation with my hair and I do feel quite boring sometimes. Tying it up for work everyday takes its toll and I love having it down when I can. Having said that, if I had some talent I would be trying these hair styles:

When has a messy bun ever looked out of place?

Allegedly super easy – I may have successfully done this myself – it also looks chic and you can do it whatever your hair length or type (almost!).

If I could wake up with any hair it would be this. Every day I dream of having hair with volume and bounce and a little bit of a wave but still being sleek. Siiiiiigh.

Volume is the key here so patience with blow drying upside down and some mousse is probably a good idea. Sleep in rollers allegedly do the trick so I’d love to try these out a few times but I struggled previously as my hair was so long I couldn’t reach the ends of it to roll it up which was a problem!

Another favourite is this one, the Barbie ponytail:

Another classic (I’m clearly restrained in all manners of beauty!) but this one is perfect if you’ve had to work and don’t have much time. Products like the XXL volume dry shampoo from Batiste are 100% your best friend. It makes my hair feel like the bark of a tree but nothing has ever worked wonders on slightyl dirty hair like this has. My hair looked like it had been transformed and re-blow dried and it curled so easily and held for hours. You’d have no problem getting the root volume and curling the ends for a look like this with little effort; girls having to work til late on NYE, I’ve got your back!

(Just don’t let anyone touch your hair all night…)

Last for discussion today is nails. And really, there’s only one answer for that:


I’d say whatever colour combo you like as long as it’s glittery!

What make up, hair and nail looks will you be sporting over the festive period? Did you get any new products for Christmas that you’re desperate to try out?

Let me know if you have any additional ideas, I’m always looking for more inspiration!

If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest feel free to, I love browsing on it as much as I can. There’s always a beautiful set of pictures to look at.

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