Last Minute Crafty Christmas Ideas

Hey All

I cant’t belive it’s Christmas in three days! I wanted to share a quick and easy present idea I gave to the other half and his parents. I always find buying for someone else’s parents one of the hardest presents to buy, especially as I’ve only met them a handful of times.

Back in July we went out to celebreate his parents birthday’s and induldge in a few cocktails. They both kept to drinking the same cocktail all evening so I decided to make them personailised cocktail kits of these drinks.


This is an easy present to make for someone but it can get pricey dependingo the drink you make and can be better to do it for a group like I did as some items then fell into the communal kit. Items I included in the communal bag were:

  • cocktail shaker
  • sugar syrup
  • lemons
  • lemon juice
  • soda water

I decided I wanted to go for a rustic look and not like I had just bought the stuff and shoved it in a bag so I decided to get plain glass bottles, luggage labels and as many little jars as was reasonable to put things in. I also opted for 500ml glass bottles as it worked out cheaper for the main alcohol. A litre bottle would have significantly raised the cost per kit. TK maxx is great for cheap kilner bottles but I found a great alternative in Clas Olshen. The500ml bottles were £2.99 and on 3 for 2 as they had Merry Christmas on. Ikea and asda do ver reasonabley priced litre bottles.

Sugar syrup was someting I made as it worked out cheaper. I bought a litre glass bottle for bout £2 then used a 500g bag of sugar. To make it I measured out the sugr in cups then added half the amount of water, melted over the stove then reduced down for 5 mins.

The last part was assembley. I washed and sterilised the bottles then filled them added the luggage tags wit what the cocktails were and how to make them.

I always think a personalised gift goes down well. With the alcohol make sure you shop around. It makes such a difference. Plus by making 500ml cocktails you start a little bar for yourself with leftovers.

Do you make presents?

Love M


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