Nip and Fab Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe

Sometimes I look back at my shopping trips and wonder what on earth I was thinking; recently I seem to have purchased the entire Nip and Fab range without batting an eyelid.

It’s hard not to when I’ve loved everything I’ve tried and there have been so many offers on recently.


N&F claim that the Bee Sting Fix Cream Deluxe is a ‘second skin’ anti ageing shield that helps to reduce the look of lines and wrinkle by hydrating the skin.

The ingredients list is pretty interesting and have some really good properties:

Bee Venom: controls the facial muscles, increases blood circulation gently plumping out and firming the skin. Also fills and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles 
Propolis Extract: this is a resinous substance harvested by bees on flower buds and it is a great skin healer, anti-oxidant and antiseptic
Hyaluronic Acid: increases moisture retention while being hydrating and moisturising
Shea Butter: helps strengthen skin + repair damage
Vitamin E: powerful antioxidant and protects cells against free radicals damage



With so many ingredients and promises I was concerned this would be one of those things that would fall short of all of the claims.

When opening the pot I was relieved that it was actually a full pot, and not a disappointment like the matching Eye Cream (review here) as that was definitely a concern. 



However the pot was EXTREMELY full and inside was a lovely thick cream that almost felt hard to the touch. This is probably the thickest cream I’ve ever used but on the skin it seems to melt a bit and spreads a lot easier. 

I’ve been using this morning and night for a few weeks and my skin has felt a lot more hydrated. I feel an improvement in my skin since the colder winter months have arrived and the increased moisturisation has definitely helped. I would agree with the claim it acts as a second skin as it seamlessly absorbs into the skin and fingers crossed it is helping my skin prevent any signs of ageing!

What do you think of Nip and Fab ranges? Do you think ingredients such as Bee Venom can help your skin? Would you be willing to try it out?

L xxx

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