Things I’ve Learnt This Week

Hi all!

It’s been a crazy busy few weeks and I haven’t done a life update or anything recently so here it is; everything I’ve learnt in the last few weeks all rolled into one.

1) Staying in a windmill for a work course has been interesting! It’s a Premier Inn but randomly has this on the top. It also means that I’ve been eating tonnes and tonnes of food that I wouldn’t normally eat and consequently feel like a whale. I’m not used to not eating clean any more and that combined with no exercise has been disastrous!

2) Science is so cool SO FREAKING COOL. Sometimes I find it hard to get my head around it all, and other times I find it hard to get my head around writing a blog about make up but I like the split personality side of things.
This week my course has been taking place in the same lab that the equipment analysing samples from the Comet landing was created. You heard about Rosetta and Philae landing on the comet a few weeks ago? Here’s a model in the building of the work they did that’s about a third the size of the real thing:


I was like a fan girl walking around the labs with the scientists working around me; they’re like the new kind of celebrity for me.

3) Street Food Cardiff is the best thing I’ve ever come across; not only is it held in a disused warehouse which is cool and creepy all over it’s full of the most amazing food that I just couldn’t get enough of!

You’re met with a smoky smell and hazy view as you walk in and the most interesting looking tree made of pieces of wood stapled together forming the centre of the seating area. It’s surrounded by massive tyres filled with wooden bobbins to act as tables and chairs and you just go to any food counter you like and chomp away!


What I like best is there’s a huge variety of food there anyway but it changes weekly. We went to the thanksgiving weekend which had a lot of different types of American food. I ate a peanut butter bacon burger and it sounds weird but it was amazing!

4) I’ve been loving using some of my new products recently, the Black Magic eye pencil set from UD has the most wearable shades of black teamed up with a grey, brown, sparkly turquoise and purple. It’s great for when you need to go from work to play and so easy to carry in your handbag.

I had a free sachet of this with a Space NK order and wasn’t sure if another oil would be any good. But I really liked this and after using the products I have I would consider buying this in future.

Another kit I got my hands on had the beloved Grindhouse sharpener that everyone raves about; it’s great and means I can finally use the 24/7 concealer pencil I purchased so many months ago that I haven’t been able to use. Drawing on my face in the mornings is fun and very easy!


5) After my week of a work course with other outings with friends I’ve been feeling pretty damn huge after all the food that has been provided. As soon as I got back I was straight on the chia seeds, peppermint teas, chicken salads and as much veg as I can. It’s hard to keep on track sometimes but with just over 2 weeks to the festivities begin I need to reel it in and get back to the gym!

(Still can’t resist a dollop of peanut butter though!)

Eating at Wagamamas was fun and I tried to stick to my chicken/veg options but not knowing many of the meals on the menu I still ended up choosing a dish worth 930 calories! Oops.

What have you all been up to recently? Are you trying to eat healthy before the Christmas food begins or are you just embracing December for what it is??

L xxx

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