Urban Decay Black Magic 24/7 Eye Pencil Set

It’s pretty obvious that Urban Decay has claimed a good few hundred of my pretty pounds this year. Their palettes are pretty amazing and good value for quality products and their gift sets are always worth picking up.

The Black Magic 24/7 Glide on Double Ended Eye Pencil Set is one of those!


If the packaging hasn’t already drawn you in with its really cool neon coloured watercolour effect in the background then the 4 double ended pencils in wearable colours will.

With 4 black ends and 4 coloured ends you are sure to find ones that will suit you. I always find these sets are the best for finding colours that you might not have tried but are actually your favourites. Having tried Smoke previously in another travel set I know now how much wear I’ll get from it, and won’t need to worry about it disappearing now that I’ve got another….


Let’s be honest, if you ever wear an eyeliner it is likely to be a black one isn’t it?

That was my thinking for picking up this set and knowing how much usage I’d get from it. If I’m likely to use colours in my eye make up it’s green and purples, which was how i knew this set was for me.

Granted I still want the other Christmas set with Ten of the pencils with their infamous Perversion liner and Grindhouse sharpener, but this one was definitely the one for value for money for me.


So how do the colours match up?

Zero is paired with Demolition. Zero is classed as a zealous cream black and Demolition is a deep brown matte.


I have Zero from a palette I’ve bought previously and it’s a pretty good black liner, though not the same as Perversion. Demolition is a colour I wouldn’t have picked up but actually it’s a really good alternative to black for those days when you’re wearing nudes. It gives a much softer look and I know I’ll be wearing it for work days. There are swatches at the end of the post for each pencil if you’d like to skip to them.


Perversion needs no introduction but in case you haven’t used it it’s the blackest of matte black liners that you will ever use. LSD is a navy shimmer with a bright turquoise micro sparkle. I wear a lot of this colour on my eyes so I’m already looking forward to getting this out during the party season.



Black Market is described as a charcoal black satin. If I’m honest I didn’t realise so many liners could be created for one colour but now I’ve used these I can see differences in every one. Tornado is a dark eggplant pearl colour, I love wearing purples as they bring out the green in my hazel eyes and liners like this make it an easy addition. This colour is so pretty and subtle that I would consider wearing it to work with grey nudes.



Black Velvet is a rich smoky black matte and it is paired with Smoke is a deep grey matte. I’ve already written about it previously in a post here.
I’ve been wearing it to work a lot of days since I bought the mini set and will probably wear it more now I know i have a spare as back up!




The four pencils are a really good addition to anyone’s make up bag but particularly if you like black liners and creating smoky eyes. I think these would also be great for adding a bit more definition to a nude eye design that you would wear to work every day. I’d take these in my handbag if I was going from work out for food or drinks as it would be an easy way to change your look along with a swipe of lipstick too.

You can see the blacks all on the left of the pairings and the colours on the right. Demolition is a lovely brown and the micro sparkle in LSD is clear to see in the centre. Tornado is the purple at the bottom which is hard to see but definitely catches in the light and Smoke is on the furthest right hand side.


This set would be great as a gift and costs £27 for the four pencils meaning they cost £6.75 each or £3.40 per colour. Seeing as a full size pencil retails at £15 each you really are getting quite a bargain if you know you won’t use the full size pencils, and can always upgrade to the full size if you know it’s a favourite.

I’ve got my eye on the TEN Christmas set now too as it has Perversion in full size plus 9 other never seen before shades with a Grindhouse sharpener that i also need as I’ve not found another sharpener that has the ability to sharpen the 24/7 pencil concealer.

What do you think of the double ended 24/7 pencils? Do you think it’s necessary to have so many different types of black eye pencils?
Which is your favourite from the Black Magic set?

L xxx

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