Morning lovelies!

I’ve been thinking quite a lot about what I’d like to change and complete in the next year. Previously I’ve done the whole lose weight/drink more water/save money kind of thing and to be honest, it doesn’t really work for me. It also makes me feel like I’ve kind of pressurised myself into completing tasks within a time frame and that can be difficult.

This year instead of resolutions I’m going to make a list of things I’d like to improve and change about my life and my outlook on life. This year I’m all about happiness and positivity, and being as stress free as possible. This isn’t a ‘new year, new me’ post, it’s a ‘new year, improved me’ plan for the next 12 months.

1) Debts. I’ve been trying to pay off my debts for a long time now, each time I progress something else seems to happen to my car that sets me back or I have something else to pay for, Christmas being a big example! I’m a maximum of 2 more months from paying off all my debt and having all of my money just for me. My credit card has been paid off and its just a few more hundred that I owe my parents. I’ve NO IDEA what I’m going to do with my money when I don’t have any debt, but that’s so much fun I just can’t even think about it!

2) Keep going. With everything. This is mostly in relation to my food and fitness habits; I eat super healthy anyway and go to the gym/exercise up to 5 times a week. I’d love to keep this up as adding more just isn’t feasible, but I’d like to run more and build my distance back up ready for Tough Mudder in August and I’d like to lift more and really strengthen my upper body. I know I can do it, and I know I can improve on my current fitness state but I need to work harder during my sessions and push through the pain.

This is also in relation to my career, I’ve finally got a job that I can barely keep up with, there’s so much to learn and I’m really enjoying it. Sometimes it is overwhelming and I feel like I’ve got so much extra reading to do to catch up but I know that in the end I’ll get there, I just need to continue what I’m already doing.

3) Diary. I had two diaries for Christmas, one I will be using for work as I get the impression that I will be doing a lot of travelling and juggling, in which case organisation is going to be key! As for the other diary….I couldn’t decide at first what to do with it. I think though, it will be best used as a food and fitness diary. I don’t plan to record every meal as it won’t be feasible but at times when I feel I need to cut back I will log it for a week or two to see where I’m going wrong. I’d also like to keep a log of my progress in the gym and running; noting down my distances or weights each time i progress will give me an idea of where I can improve and when I feel like I’ve not done enough can reassure myself that I have progressed! 

I also plan on filling it with quotes from Pinterest or Instagram as it will be worth it to look back when I need motivation.

4) Hobbies. I used to be really creative; I took art at GCSE and loved it but it was never something that i could continue on with after that. I’ve recently got back into a few things such as papercutting and I really want this to continue into 2015. I want to draw and paint more, I want to bake and get more creative with meals in the kitchen, and I want to read more. There is always more that I want to do but reading 1 book per month is something that could be achievable so I will be making a conscious effort to do this. I’d also love to make a scrapbook for my memories like friends’ weddings and festivals. Creative time is definitely worth investing your time in, not only for something away from computer and phone screens but something that you can have to show for your hard work.

I think we could all do with a bit of a digital detox couldn’t we?

5) Quality not Quantity. This is entirely shopping based; I need to stop getting caught up in hype. There’s not a skin product nor a make up product that I currently don’t own, before I purchase any more i need to continue to work my way through my ridiculous stash. I’ve got so much moisturiser it’s a tad insane so no more buying until I’ve run out. As far as clothes are concerned I have really enjoyed my recent trips to vintage fairs and also buying higher end products. I’m fed up of buying clothes that don’t last so from now on I will be avoiding Primark etc for work clothes as they just don’t last for me. Fashion items are fine but I need good quality stuff that fits and is comfortable enough as well as looking the part for work. Besides I love the thought if there being a story behind an item of clothing don’t you??

6) Happiness. Last but not least, the most important point of them all. This year needs to be a much happier year, I need to stress less and just go with life and see what happens. I’m not one to plan too much and I think this is the best way to be but I also worry about the future and what will happen so I just need to accept that things will work out how they are supposed to and I should just enjoy myself in the mean time.

It goes without saying that I would love to end the year with a house of my own, a set of rock hard abs and have travelled a number of places across the globe but that may just be a bit too unrealistic; or maybe it is attainable if I work hard enough?

Who knows! I’m looking forward to being given the opportunity to start another year again with a new mindset and just embrace it all.

As for the blog I will be changing the type of posts and the way I write them from now on. Previously beauty was number one in my life and dedicating this blog to that was the obvious choice; now I’ve got enough beauty products to last a lifetime and I spend far more of my time reading about new gym and fitness techniques than I do the latest hype products and this doesn’t reflect at all. 

Send me your book recommendations, send me posts on your hobbies and pastimes that don’t involve more time spent on a computer screen, send me fitness ideas or running tips; I want them all as this year is going to be AWESOME.

L xxx

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  1. Chelsea Chad
    January 3, 2015 / 10:06 am

    Good luck with your resolutions, lovely! They all sound like really great things and should hopefully make 2015 a fab year for you 🙂 my only resolution this year is to get myself through my final year of uni! (Which is really a lot of sub-resolutions of being more organised etc haha) xxx

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