Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile Magic Soap

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Sticking with the clean theme for the new year this post is all about my new favourite make up brush cleaner. Most people have heard about Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile 18 in 1 Magic Soap by now courtesy of a lot of reviews from other bloggers, Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up is a fan!

I saw the Citrus Orange scent in TK Maxx recently and couldn’t help but take it home with me!
I’m a sucker for citrus scents as it is but with my trusty Johnson’s baby shampoo running low I knew it was a sign.


I love the packaging for this, like an old style bottle with hundreds of words on it dictating tips, tricks, suggestions and ingredients. Not only that but it’s also fair trade certified and all contained within a recycled plastic bottle; it’s like the most justifiably purchasable product in existence.



I love the description of how soap is made, it’s really interesting a quirky touch that other products don’t have. Did I mention this snapshot also shows that it’s organic as certified under the USDA National Organic Program?! It’s also refillable at certain stores though I’m assuming this is America only.

This 18 in 1 soap has many uses including face and body wash, and facial wraps using hot water infused with the soap and a warm towel. This has become popular with bloggers due to its ability to clean make up brushes easily and leaving them with a gorgeous scent; not to mention its super concentrated so you only need a small amount to get things clean/


As far as make up brush cleaning goes; it’s one of those tasks that we all hate doing! I always seem to have used a ridiculous amount of them and facing up to an hour of cleaning is always offputting!

However using this scent i barely noticed the time going by as it just made me feel like I was on holiday in an orange grove, or in the middle of Christmas – weird how one scent can bring such opposing images isn’t it?


I tested it on all of my eyeshadow brushes first and it cleansed them really well, even those that have been applying the super pigmented Urban Decay shadows and MAC pigments, especially Blackout from UD which just seems to be the blackest thing I’ve ever seen.

So I moved onto the dreaded foundation and powder brushes that get abused on a daily basis by me and should be cleaned  a lot more often than they do!

But you can see for yourself that they’ve come up almost back to their original white which is impressive considering some are over a year old.


This has been a big hit for me and I’m hoping it lasts a really long time too; I will certainly be scouring my local TK Maxx for some of their other scents in future though it’s always a one hit wonder kind of place for me!


I miraculously managed to get mine in TK Maxx for a £5.99 bargain so I’d recommend checking your local shop just in case. Otherwise amazon also have some pretty good deals, it all depends on which scent you are looking for.

The soap is also available in Almond, Baby Mild, Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Lavender, Peppermint, Rose and Tea Tree. I’d love to try the peppermint one too as its my other favourite scent!

Have you tried Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap? Which is your favourite scent?

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