Fitness Friday: Tips from Personal Trainers

After my post last week where I shared my tips that I found help me to get back into my work out routine in the new year, I thought I’d share with you some tips I’ve found from personal trainers that might also work.

It’s always the second and third weeks of January where motivation starts to disappear and you can easily fall back into your old ways before you’ve even realised it!

So here’s some of the best tips to help you keep on going:

1) The image you have of yourself will define what you will work towards – get a mental image in your head of what you want and keep it there. This is why I love pinterest and instagram for providing inspiration all the time and giving me something to work towards. Find something that will work for your body type and work on it.

2) Eat MORE good food MORE often – love this one! Snack more on veggies, keep your protein intake regular throughout the day and don’t let your blood sugar drop. I try and eat every few hours, this means I never get really hungry and get to the cravings stage so I don’t ruin my hard work. It REALLY helps and although you might think its weird to eat more food more often, as long as its the right food it won’t cause you to gain weight. Since January I’ve been so hungry I’ve barely stopped eating but as its all good food its OK!

3) Carbs are GOOD – Carbs are necessary and without them you won’t really get very far. Make sure you have them for breakfast and lunch especially as it will carry you through the bulk of the day, and particularly before and after a workout to fuel yourself and your body. I’m talking brown rice, oats, wholewheat pasta, sweet potato and quinoa, good carbs to keep you going and on track!

4) Don’t let your body adapt – We’re all guilty of getting into habits, it’s the easiest way to make sure you keep going. Initially making yourself go to the same classes to create a habit is great, but after a while your body gets used to it and it doesn’t have the same effect. Keep changing it up, try and go to a different class on the same day at the same time to keep your habit, go for a run outside instead of the gym or go for a hike on an unpredictable route. Anything to vary exercise will make sure you get the best out of it. I’ll be doing body pump tomorrow morning and I might go really heavy for a different track each week for the next few weeks to shock my muscles into working harder.

5) Don’t go all or nothing though – Stay consistent in terms of efforts, don’t run every day for 2 weeks and then give up because you’ve got blisters and shin splints. Allow your body time to build up and recover but keep pushing and don’t give up just because you ache more than normal.

6) Prepare everything – Workouts and food in particular. Don’t turn up to the gym and wander around deciding what you’re going to do, write it down or plan it all in your head and just go for it whilst you’re there. Same goes for food, prepare your meals and plan out when you’re having what meal, it will help when you’re tired after a workout just want to eat, and stop you from going for a takeaway or a ready meal! One of the easiest ways I’ve learnt to do this is to prep a load of meals on one day and portion them up. You can then freeze some for later on and keep others in the fridge. I also find having cooked chicken and a tupperware of ready cooked quinoa in the fridge helps as I snack on that instead of crisps!

7) Perfect your form – Before you start piling the weights onto the bar make sure you know what you’re doing and your form is correct or you’ll injure yourself before you start. Not only that but knowing your form and performing the full range of each movement for each rep will get you the most out of each exercise that you possibly can; i.e. squat lower, push up harder and stretch further, it will make you sweatier without a doubt!

8) Focus – This means ignoring your texts, calls and emails whilst you’re in the gym. Focus on what you’re doing for the 30 minutes or hour you are exercising, not only will this make your workout seem like it goes faster but it will also ensure you get the maximum out of it too. Blast your favourite music and concentrate.

9) Hydrate – The most important factor in weight loss and exercise. Don’t forget to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of water near you, I carry one with me all the time and the benefits are endless!

10) Make a record – Take photos for a before and after. You don’t need to put these on the internet (I certainly haven’t!) But it can help to show you progress that the scale might not. I’ve also started to keep a journal of my dirt and exercise habits so that I can see progress. An increase in distance when I run, or a change in pace, an increase in weights or just about anything really. I’m hoping it will give me a boost when I see how far I’ve progressed or how my body has changed.

What do you think of the tips? Are there any that stand out to you that you think might help? 

I know I need to keep changing up my classes and exercise and definitely need to prepare my snacks better!

L xxx

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  1. Helen RamblesOn
    January 16, 2015 / 10:56 am

    These are such good tips, I will definitely be taking them on board. I'm going to plan out all my meals and workouts to keep on track 🙂

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