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Christmas is all done for another year and into 2015 already. I can’t believe our blog is going to be three very soon.  The past few months I’ve struggled to git in as much blogging as I’d like. I still love to blog but with a more demanding job and lot more uni work and life in general I seem to be down to once a week now. Massive thanks to L for keeping me going. It feels like ages since I’ve done a life update so I thought I’d share my Christmas time with you all. I hope everyone had an amazing one.

My holidays started by heading to the other half’s office for their annual beer brewing competition. Everyone in the office either brews their own beer, cider or larger or infuses a spirit. They then have an evening trying them all out and voting. It’s fair to say some people have this brewing stuff down. There was an amazing apple pie infusion. Others were not so tasty. One called goblin sweat was the first thing I had handed to me. Not tasty. It was such a fun evening and I love how social his work are.


I then headed home to my family for a week. We started the festive period with heading out for a few cocktails with my parents. A few espresso martinis later and I was certainly happy to be home. Home seemed to fly by. I swear my parents save up jobs until I’m home to help them out. My Christmas eve started off as normal with an early morning (urgh 5.30!!!) trip to the local supermarkets to get all the food. I’m impressed I even got a perfect winged liner when I had to get up and ready in 15 minutes! My dad and I then headed to our local outlet village to get presents. I usually grabbed myself something pretty, but no this year I bought waterproof trousers. My other half is changing me into this practical person!




Christmas day was spent with the family, lots of prosecco, kerplunk and frozen! It was a really good one. I do love Christmas time with the family. A day with everyone happy is always good. Before heading back to Cardiff I ended up spending the weekend with the other halfs family. His parents live near the coast so we took advantage of the lush weather and went walking along the beach! I love the beach in winter time when it’s a sunny day!

Unfortunately I had to work some of the bit in between Christmas and New Year. L made it a bit better for me with a trip to yo sushi after work one day and a naughty trip to Debenheams, hello urban decay liner set and completing a MAC eyeshadow quad. I have no will power.






New years eve isn’t something I’m a fan of so until the day before I had no plans. In the end I decided to go to a house party. We did dinner drinks and ended up chatting till 3am. It was just what I wanted I hate a big fussy new year!


This weekend I introduced L to paintballing for the first time. We headed down on Saturday to our local paintballing centre. It was pretty much raining all day so I wasn’t convinced how good it would be. In the end I think it added to it. All us ladies were getting stuck in and going for it. Much to the shock of the guy taking us out, he didn’t seem to understand women may chose to do paintballing too and be as good as the guys. The rain made all the set ups mudding so we were all slipping and sliding all over the place. It’s safe to say I have some pretty epic bruises! This was to celebrate my OHs birthday. After we headed back for a house party and were introduced to cards against humanity. We ended up having such a funny night and didn’t get to bed till 4.30am! Being in work right now is not a happy place when I’m so tired haha!



Hope you all had a great festive time!

Love M


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