Nip and Fab Body Wash – Energy Boost and Detox Blend

Shower gel can be a bit of a boring topic can’t it?

Everyone uses it, most people would just use whatever is on offer during their weekly shop and I’m no different. I have been making my way through my stash and have finally used up the Soap and Glory bottle that seem to last for up to 6 months at a time.

However I couldn’t resist picking these up from Nip and Fab, on offer at the moment in Superdrug in a buy one get one free offer. If I’m honest £7.50 is a lot for a shower gel but in a deal like this at £3.75 it didn’t seem too bad.



I picked up both the Energy Boost and Detox Blend and have been testing them out.

The Energy Boost Body Wash contains uplifting Lemon, Grapefruit and Sweet Mandarin fragrances. It’s a lovely awakening scent which is something to be welcomed in the morning, however it’s not as authentic as the Original Source shower gels. I’m a big ‘sniffer’ of products (if that doesn’t sound weird and disgusting) and scents are a big hit or miss for me. This was strangely neither, it had a lot of promise but didn’t amount to anything which was a little disappointing.



The packaging is perfect though, colour coded for each scent and just like the rest of the Nip and Fab skincare range which I really like. I also like that all of the info is on the front of the bottles and just on the one sticker. Its funky and draws your eyes to different areas.


The Detox Blend Body Wash contains Tea Tree, Green Tea and Jasmine to purify and detoxify as well as cleanse.
This scent was the same for me, it had lots of promise and whilst I’m grateful that both weren’t overpowering (I get headaches from strong smells) they were just a bit too bland and could have had more of a punch, particularly with the lemon.


That said they both lathered up easily courtesy of SLS being the second ingredient in the products. I just feel a bit disappointed with these and can’t say I would pay the £3 for them again let alone the full price of £7.50.
I’m a self confessed lover of Nip and Fab but feel like these products have misfired and are a bit ‘meh’ when compared to other products such as their Viper Venom and Dragon’s blood ranges (both of which are fabulous!).



With Original Source recently on offer in Tesco for half price at £1.10 for 250ml or in fact Superdrug who had them for 98p (!) smelling a good ten times better and more authentic than these I know which one I would choose….

I hate to write negative reviews but feel like its necessary sometimes to save another from spending hard earned cash on something that ultimately is a little disappointing – sorry Nip and Fab! It’s probably because i have such high expectations from how amazing the skincare range is that this was a bit of a surprise.

Have you tried the body range from Nip and Fab? Are you a fan of authentic scents from real essential oils?

L xxx

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