Nip and Fab Deep Cleansing Fix

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Starting off with a cleanser feels like a good start to the year, especially one in a tub this size. This 300ml tub is up to 3 times the size of all other cleansers (normally they are 100-150ml) and so worth the £7.95 price tag – currently £5.30 on Boots!


Normally I’d be a bit nervy about the whole scooping my hand into a tub thing, but knowing that in wash my hands before I wash my face I’m not too bothered. The tub fits in with the usual Nip and Fab theme, by that I mean its appearance. It had a light blue and silver theme that matches the rest of their basic range.

I quite like it, but I do like the colours of their special ranges better, I.e.the viper venom range being green and dragons blood bring red orange. They just seem to stand out a bit better. That being said though, this is a great all around cleanser that doubles up as a mask and has so many uses!



The Deep Cleansing Fix is a multi purpose cleanser containing tea tree oil to cleanse pores, and sweet almond oil to nourish and smooth.

It can be used as a regular cleanser, an exfoliator when used with a muslin cloth, a mask when left on for 10 minutes or so, a hydrating mask when left on overnight and as a spot buster when applied directly to blemishes.

That’s quite a list for one product but with a tub this size it would be rude not to try them out!


As a cleanser this works great, it even got quite a lot of my stubborn mascara off my lashes which is quite impressive. Its just like a cold cream cleanser applied to dry skin but I always use a muslin cloth and warm water to take it off so I’m not sure its use as an exfoliant is quite as clear! My skin has been enjoying using this and always feels really clean without that squeaky dry feeling.

As a mask it’s also been really good, and I have to say even though I was dubious about its use as both a cleansing face mask and also an overnight hydrating treatment I have to agree. It has helped to clear up a few outbreaks and certainly hasn’t dried them out when left on overnight so it is somewhat a miracle in my eyes!

Lastly using it as a spot buster and applying it directly has helped calm the redness down on quite a few spots. It hasn’t made it go away which is to be expected really but reducing the size of the swelling and the red colouring helps to make it less noticeable and easier to cover with concealer.


I’ve heard a lot of people racing about this for a little while but its never been in stock on a day I was spending and so I’ve never got round to buying it. At one point I thought it had been discontinued but I can see how that they could never do that! Imagine the uproar, a super product such as this removed from the shelves! 

I’m clearly a fan and am looking forward to seeing how long this lasts me. Really interested to see how good value it really is as the tub is just so big and the price is so reasonable. 

Another hit from Nip and Fab, will you be running to store to pick some up? Its already sold out on the website!

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