Rimmel Apocolips Lip Velvet Matte Burning Lava

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Hope you had a great weekend. Mine was pretty awesome. Friday night was spent with Wagamamas and The Theory of Everything (i was not prepared for that film to make me cry as much as it did) it was a great film though. On Saturday it was a sorting out type day and a quick pop into town where i finally grabbed some Chelsea style boots. I found a bargain in Fat face reduced from £80 to £25. How could I leave them there. I finally got some excursions planning done for Iceland, I leave two weeks tomorrow. I’m so excited to go now. Yesterday started off way earlier than I’d like for a trip down to the welsh coastline to walk along the cliffs. It was so windy at points but a lush walk and felt good to be out walking.

Today’s post is on a product that became instantly loved by bloggers and until Christmas eve I didn’t own any of them. As soon a I saw apocolips I loved them. The strong colours, amazing pigmentation, lasting stain and glossy lips really seemed like the perfect lip product and after trying L’s I was even more convinced even so I told myself I had enough lipsticks (said no girl ever!!).

On Christmas eve I realised I hadn’t taken a red lipstick back to my parents house it seemed like the perfect opportunity to pick them up. Plus they were on 3 for 2. Picking colours took a while but after seeing the matte version I opted for these as I had found the original ones transfer a lot when glossy especially onto teeth.

Burning lava is your classic pillar box red. I wouldn’t say it has any blue tones too it but it doesn’t make the teeth look yellow because of this.

As with the original apocolips it has the doe foot applicator with the dip in it so it picks up enough product. The shape of it also helps to get a good line around the lips and has a good enough point to define the cupids bow.The matte colours apply to the lips so smoothly. They glide on and don’t drag and feel dry on the lips as some matte textures can and don’t flake off the lips. I do also find the texture easy to work with to get a well outlined lip. The only problem I have is the colour can sometimes bleed a little so before applying I usually just apply a little bit of an invisible lip liner. The pigmentation is as you would expect from this range. I love the bold colours.

I prefer that the matte colours don’t transfer as much as the glossy colours but have kept all the good features that everyone liked with the original apocolips. The colour will initially transfer to a glass or something while it sets but not as badly as the glossy version. It leaves a great even stain to the lips but I do find myself reapplying as the first time it fades I find it gives the ring around the lips. If I then reapply it’ll fade and stain the lips all over. I love wearing this to work if I’m going out after work especially as I know by then I have a fuss free perfect red lip.

Have you tried the matte version of the Apocolips?

Love M


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