Things I’ve Learnt This Week

The last week has been full of crazy fun and games. It’s been my first time off at Christmas since I’ve been working (that’s ten years FYI) and I can tell you, it’s been filled with food, fun and so much more!

Sticking with this new post series into 2015 here’s what I’ve learnt this week:

1) Paintballing is SO MUCH FUN!! – I’ve never been before and after seeing M’s bruises from when she went a few years ago….I was a little apprehensive about being a big baby and not pushing through the sharp pains of the paint balls splattering all over me. However it was so much fun that the bruises were so worth it, even in the torrential rain and with very steamed up goggles it was such a laugh and I’d jump at the chance to go again – maybe with better weather next time though!


2) Being outdoors is a new favourite thing – During my time off I’ve been on copious walks to the beach, started my running plan back up again, climbed a mountain with my dad – and I really do mean having to climb at some points! – topped off with paintballing above, I’ve had so much fun outdoors that I cannot wait for drier weather to do more. As long as it’s dry there really is no excuse to be outside and fresh air can work wonders for you mentally and physically. Get your new gym gear on and go for a run!


3) Clearing and Cleaning is mandatory for going back to work – I’ve sorted through some clothes and shoes for charity and will be spending the rest of my day cleaning my room, washing my make up brushes with my new bottle of Dr Bronner’s Citrus soap (post coming soon!) and eventually hoovering my car – courtesy of those trips outdoors. Having a quick browse on twitter tells me most people are doing the same thing, at least we can be feeling pretty smug about things later on this evening eh?? I’ll be rewarding myself with a facial and my onesie before getting stuck into some tv I’ve got recorded.

4) David Attenborough Documentaries will never grow old – My brother was awesome and bought me the Blu Ray of the Africa documentary from 2013’s series. It was amazing watching the giraffes fight over territory – though extremely scary and shocking – and so heartbreaking watching the elephant mother grieve for her dead calf due to the drought. Even though I’ve seen them before I felt like I was watching them all over again and I think I will have to make a bit of a collection of BluRays after this!

5) Cardiff Vintage Fair – Have just found out that this is back again on January 25th for any of you South Wales readers. I had so much fun browsing and rummaging through the vintage delights with my mum last time that we’ve already booked the whole day ready for round 2. It seems I’m a bit of a coat and bag fiend (I’ve bought at least 4 coats and 3 bags this season alone) so I think my mum will have to keep a few tabs on me and my spending this time. I’m also hoping there will be more home items for a browse; I’m always dreaming of moving out soon!


6) I’m a Beer Pong Genius – true fact! I have never played beer pong before New Year’s Eve but after spending my evening at a friend’s house playing games and what not I have made a massive discovery. It’s not quite time to quit my job and all, but I might have found my secret talent in life…. I don’t even like beer!

What have you been up to the last week or so? Have you learnt anything new about yourself?

L xxx

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