Fitness Friday: Fitness Trackers

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Apologies for my late post today, normally I’m on the ball with scheduling for the week but I’ve been away with work and didn’t get back until late last night. Its been a pretty poor week in terms of fitness for me; I knew working away would be hard to access a gym but I thought it would be easier to exercise in a hotel room or get out for a run around the surrounding area but it was impossible this week. My room was like a postage stamp and oddly laid out; I couldn’t do any pressups/burpees like I’d planned as the room wasn’t long enough at any part nor go for a run as it was really dark and on a business park so I did not feel safe at all. 

It’s made me feel a bit of a hypocrite writing a fitness post this week but nevertheless I’m determined to write a Fitness Friday post each week for 2015!

This week I want to talk about fitness trackers. I’ve been lusting after one for a little while now and have been scouring the internet for reviews: twitter, google and geeky magazines have been my friend and I’ve been trying to decide which one ticks all the boxes.

Image from Fitbit Blog

There’s the most talked about Fitbit which have a range of fitness trackers from basic pedometers to the all singing and dancing Surge which was released within the last month. With heart rate, sleep patterns and a screen to give you phone notifications as well as GPS I have to say it was hitting all my buttons and I was ready to part with my cash the moment it came out. But then I read a few reviews on Amazon and the unreliability changed my mind. Plus on this link here some people have had reactions to the strap and with my sensitive skin it has made me question if this is right for me (link here)

Image from Jawbone website

The second most popular is the Jawbone Up range, but the Up3 is the most recent. It also has a wide range of tracking such as sleep and heart rate but for me the bonus factor is the fact that its waterproof to 10m which not only means I don’t have to worry about it in the shower but also I can swim with it too which is something I used to do weekly and now would like to get back into. However this one does not have a screen to give you regular updates and the sleep function has to be manually turned on.

I’m fully aware that there are so many more available and I’ve been trying to make up my mind by the time this pay day rolls around.

Do you have a fitness tracker? What would you recommend? 

The Fitbit Surge is priced at £200 and the Charge HR is £120. The Jawbone Up3 comes in the middle of the price range at £150. They’re all fairly similar in price so its hard to make a decision, I don’t want to buy a cheaper one and it not have everything I want and then have to buy another in future, but most expensive isn’t always best!

What do you think about fitness trackers? Would you pay out for one or do you think they’re a gimmick and just another way for people to make money?

Im a total geek so can’t wait to get on the apps and analyse my heart rate and sleeping patterns!

L xxx 

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