Good morning loves!

Now i have dark hair again I’ve been experimenting with my make up. I had no idea it would make such a difference to have my highlights dyed over and my hair is now back to my natural colour but has seemed to have made my ‘normal’ make up look like I’ve got nothing on!

I’ve had to change everything up so I’ve taken a few photos to show what I’ve swapped my products for, you can see how dark my hair is in the photo below:

I’ve always been a fan of Vichy Dermablend but recently it has really been a favourite of mine for its great coverage but natural finish. However in my usual Opal colour it has looked a little pale so I’ve been mixing in Rimmel’s Wake Me Up to give it a bot more colour.

I’ve stuck with my favourite concealer though, now I’ve tried Nars I just don’t want to use any other concealer as nothing works the same way as that does!



After setting my base with Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder I’ve been using my Bourjois bronzer – never fails to make me look more contoured and also never seems to go down either! For blush I’ve been trying to finish off my old Coralista – I hit pan and panic bought another but that seems silly now that months later I’ve still got it!
It’s still one of my favourite blushes though so I’ll still be using it for years.

For brows I’ve been using Naked Basics’ Faint eyeshadow for a little while now – its the perfect dark brown for my black brows. Doesn’t look like I’ve sharpied them on and also isn’t a weird red toned brown that some brands have suggested I use.



As for eyes I’ve been using some of my eyeliners recently and blending them in together for a different look. I’ve got a post coming up about it and how using eyeliners is a great easy way to change up looks!
These are a selection from Urban Decay, their 24/7 eye liner pencils are the best I’ve ever tried and I really recommend them if you’re looking for a smooth pencil with great pigmentation.
This look includes Mugshot, Moonspoon and Glitter Rock.


And of course the wonderful Perversion – the ultimate black liner – along the lower waterline.

For mascara I’ve been using Benefit’s They’re Real recently, I’ve been saving it up as it’s my last full size mascara but it is one of the best that I’ve tried for my lashes both length and volume.

This is a look that I wear on weekends, for me applying eye make up is something done in a haphazard way during the weekdays as my time is limited. But on weekends I definitely make more of an effort to wear different products and try different things.

Do you do the same and try to use different products? What do you think of changing your hair colour, has it had an effect on your regular products used?

L xxx

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