Make Up Revolution Ultra Professional Blush Palette in Hot Spice

Happy hump day!

Today’s post is a review on something that I have been trying to get my hands on for MONTHS!

I was initially really disappointed as I went to Superdrug in Cardiff (both stores) to pick up this palette so many times and the stands were always empty. And I mean ransacked, covered in make up and with broken bits hanging off. I did tweet them and they responded saying they would speak to their store.
Eventually I went in and found one of these palettes but it was a lucky shot – the rest of the stand was still empty.


I was also disappointed that most of the boxes and general packaging were damaged for all of the products. I opened up a few of the boxes to make sure the one I bought wasn’t broken inside (always suspicious!) and a lot of the palettes inside were cracked and scratched. It’s just a bit disappointing to have to buy something that is already broken….

Nevertheless I managed to get one and was quite excited to get it home and photographed so I could use it.



The Ultra Blush Palette in Hot Spice contains a variety of 6 blushers in corally orange tones and 2 highlighters, as shown in the pictures below. It’s probably a picky thing but I wish they had names, they don’t even have numbers so it’s a bit hard to refer to each one individually.




With all of my negativity so far, this was one palette I could not stop taking photos of. Look at how beautiful it is! The colours and finishes are perfect:




So how do they swatch? Is the pigmentation any good?

Here’s the top row swatched without and then with flash:



These are all extremely wearable shades especially for me and my pale skin. You can see that there is a slight shimmer to the blushes but by no means is it glittery, this makes them great for day time as they give your skin a bit of a glow finish but nothing over the top. These are also really buildable so it’s easy to layer on the colours for a variety of definition on your face.

The second row is as follows, without and then with flash:



Again, really wearable and suit my skin tone. I’m really pleased with the palette, especially for £6 as this means it has cost less than £1 for each one and that’s pretty amazing.

If I’m honest although the colours vary when swatched on my face there isn’t much variation. The highlighters are both flattering and not glittery at all, they seem to be really finely milled so they just have a shimmer.

The darker blushes are clearly darker but overall the variation doesn’t show up too much but that’s ok as the colour range is exactly what I look for so all of them will be used I’m 100% sure of it.

On my face, here’s a few snaps:




These were all different blushes and the 2 different highlighters but this doesn’t show at all! It’s not a problem for me but may be if you are expecting a big difference. I just love the coral shade of things and couldn’t care less – they’re all beautiful!


So overall, what are my thoughts?

If you can get your hands on them, do! I’ve really enjoyed using this; the colour range is perfect, the pigmentation is great and the prices are CHEAP. I love that the palettes are in colour families, maybe in future they will have a combination palette for those who like to change up their blush colour all the time and create a NARS Virtual Domination type one as I’m sure it would be a best seller. Though having said that you could buy all six of their current blush, bronze and highlighter palettes for less than the NARS one!

I am really impressed with this palette as my first ever product from Make Up Revolution. I’ve got my eye on getting the Golden Sugar Blush and Contour palette whenever I can as it is beautiful and I’d love to try more from MUR.

Fingers crossed my Cardiff store will be better stocked next time I go in as there’s so much I’d like to try and would have by now if I could!

What do you think of MUR? Do you love a blush palette? What else would you recommend from MUR?

I’ve recently added 21 blushes to my collection recently which is mildly obscene….let’s not tell anyone else about them yeah?! Whoops!

L xxx

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