Fitness Friday: Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

Hi there!

I’ve been a bit more adventurous with food recently – not that I’ve been eating weird things but just trying to vary it a bit more than usual.
I’ve been doing well making eggs with veggies for breakfast and replacing usual carbs with quinoa and cauliflower rice, but snacking is something i need to work on.

I found this recipe on The Daily Hiit blog (link here) and after reading it i knew that I had to try it.


I’m by no means a baker – I am so much better at cooking meals and proper food, when it comes to cakes I am (luckily!) rubbish so don’t generally bother.
This recipe however involves no baking whatsoever, its a freezer only type bake – winning.


Here’s the main ingredients – almond milk, protein powder, almond meal, coconut oil and peanut butter.
For the topping you need coconut oil and chocolate chips – as well as some kind of chopped or flaked nuts for sprinkling on top.
(For amounts you can read the original recipe, i won’t bore you with that!)



Melting the ingredients in a microwave took about 1.5 minutes with regular stirring. I’m always wary of using the microwave to melt things but this didn’t seem to cause any issues.

Adding in the dried powders and mixing thoroughly gave a batter type mixture that easily filled the square tin. So far so good, no issues and nothing that i can do wrong:



Next you just have to melt the coconut oil and chocolate chips together to create a super glossy mixture that you just want to dunk marshmallows in!

Pour this on top and you might get something that looks like this:


The instructions then suggest 20 minutes in the freezer…..I would say mine needed more like 2 hours. Not sure why this was but at 20 minutes it was still very gooey like the image below, and after 2 hours it was much more like the bottom image and had set:



Small setting issues aside, these are 100% amazing – if I say so myself.

After I made them on a Sunday around 11am I ended up eating about 4 throughout the day….oops!

I wouldn’t recommend it as I felt extremely sick afterwards but OMG you need to make these!!!

I think maybe I’d add a little more almond meal to the mixture next time and it would set better, but these taste so good I don’t care that I’ll have to eat them out of the fridge.

Do you make your own snacks and bars like these? Do you have any other similar recipes?

I really want to make some more snacks like these – cleaner than shop bought and even more tasty!

L xxx

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  1. Kat Clark
    March 6, 2015 / 3:08 pm

    ooh, those look really good!

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