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I don’t know about you, but sometimes motivation is a little hard to come by. Especially at this time of year, I find that I’m passed the initial ‘New Year, New Me’ kind of mentality but unfortunately better weather still hasn’t arrived so I still don’t feel ready for outdoor running or hiking or generally anything else that’s different.

Last year me and M both completed Tough Mudder, it’s a 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by UK Special Forces to test your strength, stamina and mental grit – we did complete it but not without digging deep and working hard in the months leading up to it.

Image from Tough Mudder Twitter page

We took part in the August event in the South West area, but there are many Tough Mudder events throughout the year around the UK. But as it’s one of the original events it can be expensive and it’s also the hardest – there are so many other events you can try out for fun!

Today’s Fitness Friday is all about the variety of running events you can sign up for that doesn’t include a single fun run or marathon, hope you’re inspired!

Spartan Race – This one is also another very popular obstacle race with three separate distances, Sprint (5km), Super (10km) and the Beast (20km). The idea with Spartan races is to complete all three within a year and you get an extra medal, plus you can fit all of your medals collected throughout the year together. It also gives you the opportunity and aim of building up your distance over a specified length of time. Here’s their website

Tough Guy – Allegedly the hardest, this 8 mile course claims to be the original obstacle course (website here). The catch with this course is that its run on the last Sunday of January and contains a whopping 250 obstacles. Dear Lord.

X-Runner – another obstacle course with a variety of runs including a Wild Run, Water Wipeout and Wild Warrior. You can find out more on their site here, but there should be something for everyone on this site courtesy of the variety of types and 5km and 10km options for distances.

Zombie Evacuation – Totally different kettle of fish, a 5km fun run from one place to another trying to ‘survive’ the zombie apocalypse. There is a massive increase in runs like these and you can see why! Definitely one to get your adrenaline going with a zombie chasing after you trying to steal your ‘life’ (also known as a scarf that you wear during the run!). Website here.

London Cardiff 24 – If you’re not one for too much mud or being chased, this one might be more your thing. Running from Twickenham Stadium in London to the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff with a team over 24 hours. It’s certainly a challenge but it won’t leave you bored like a normal half marathon might, the darkness and map reading will keep you on your toes! Website here for further info.

Survival of the Fittest – Another obstacle run but this time it’s an urban theme. Men’s Health devised this event in major cities around the UK including Cardiff and Edinburgh, expect less mud and more water and tyres, with views of the city around you. Website link here.

Last but not least….

Tough Mudder – The beast that me and M are so proud to have conquered! We endured 25 obstacles over an extremely hilly 11.5 miles including swimming through ice water, electric shocks and jumping off a 4m high platform into freezing cold water. You can browse the site here, and view the terrifying ordeal of the World’s Toughest Mudder event. I just can’t even…!

Have you taken part in any other types of runs? There’s also Revolution Runs which is a new event in the South Wales area, there’s Dirty Dozen, Total Warrior….the list is endless!

We’ve signed up to do another Tough Mudder this year but the training for it is looking a little bit behind courtesy of our new jobs.

What are you training for this year?

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