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With Five Guys shortly making its way to Cardiff (30th March) I thought I’d share my thoughts on it when I recently tried it in Bristol. I’d heard a bit of a mixed review on it. Some people raved about it some people thought it was overrated for a burger place. 

Before going I’d seen lots of pictures on instagram so knew slightly what to expect. To be honest at first I was overwhelmed when I saw the menu. Basically it’s just burgers fries and hot dogs but I had no idea about sizing.  



For fries little is for 1 person, regular is for 2 and large is for 3 roughly (the bloke serving my brother did suggest little was for one person, the who served me obviously thought I could eat the bigger portion!). I’m a fatty and finished basically a portion of regular to myself but it was big and unnecessary for me to eat so many. The burgers follow a similar theme, my brother ordered a little which turned out to be a single and the regular is a double burger. 


One thing I loved straight away about 5 guys is your burger is made to order, so when you order you chose from a massive list of toppings and add what you want, from lettuce to gherkins to bbq sauce. They had so many options to add to it. It’s great for fussy eaters and also nicer than most fast food where it’s been sat waiting for a while. 

Drinks in there are expensive but they are free refills. I believe they are around the £2.50 mark. I can honestly say I’ve never seen so many drink options. You’ve got coke, sprite, fanta, still fanta and powerade to name a few and then in most of these the zero options and then they also have flavour options like strawberry, vanilla and orange. There are so many choices. Me and my brother had 6 drinks between us just so we could try them all. 


There are also free peanuts (like GBK) in the shell to help yourself to while you wait for your food. Which won’t be long. It was really busy when we were in there and our food took only a few minutes. Word of warning….. this is fast food! Your food comes to you in a paper bag, your chips are sort of just thrown in and your burger is wrapped in foil. You’re not getting a perfectly layered burger with a skewer and chips in a metal bucket served on a slab of wood type burger but you are getting some amazing food.  

The chips (the reason I ate a regular portion to myself) are amazing! They are skin on fries and were so tasty. They were crisp enough without being over done and a great size of in between fat and skinny. I literally couldn’t stop eating them! 


And the star of the show the burger. Now this bad boy doesn’t look pretty and albeit a little bit squashed but OMG!! It’s a bloody tasty burger. I think the first bite resulted in a smile! I also like that it’s a burger you can bite it’s big but not to big and I did find I didn’t get messy which is always a bonus no fat dripping down my arm! 

My food wasn’t the cheapest a double cheeseburger is about £8 and I think a single is around £5. Little chips were around £2.50 regular £4 and large £5. I think in future I’d order large and share with who was with me.  


I’m definitely on the five guys bandwagon. Both me and my brother would go as far as to say it’s one of the best burgers we’ve eaten. It’s hard to categorise it as it’s fast food like Burger King and McDonalds but in the price bracket of GBK. It’s fast food but so much tastier than any of three I’ve mentioned. I’m so happy it’s coming to Cardiff but also slightly concerned for my waist line! 

I hope my friends are ready to be taken there a lot! 

Are you a five guys fan? 

Love M 


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  1. Beauty Bird
    March 26, 2015 / 9:58 pm

    I keep hearing about this place! Looks like a damn good burger xxRamblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

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