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This is probably a bit of a weird post to write but I decided I wanted to share this with you guys if you haven’t heard of it. Holiday pirates is a site that finds amazing deals and shares them. You don’t book through the site it takes you to the website links to book. My brother had mentioned it to me a few times and it took me a while to look at it myself.

He is forever tempting me with links to great deals he finds on there. Most people around me knew I was desperate to go to Iceland. It was one of those places that head my heart before I’d even been, so when he text me the link to the holiday pirates site for a deal to Iceland for two people for £180 I was very interested. I sent the link to my other half like wow look at this bargain (we’d not mentioned holidays together and he was away with work at the time so our relationship was still kind of up in the air as to what it was) to me surprise he text back saying it looked good and we should look into it.

Holiday pirates is all about finding bargains. This deal was great as I realised you could fly from Bristol to Reykjavik for about £60 pp return. The deal on the site was for a youth hostel so I wasn’t keen on that for the first holiday so got browsing for other hotel deals.

I love using holiday pirates for inspiration on where to go, what sites to use to book and what deals are currently available.They also give ideas of different things today. On the site recently I saw a Beer and Spa deal in Poland (link here) for two nights, with accommodation for £49pp.

I love getting lost in sites like this looking at the deals available and planning loads of holidays in my head.

What sites do you use for holiday inspiration?

I can see my brother getting my to download this app was a dangerous choice, it’s just to tempting to book them!

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