Lush Yummy Mummy Shower Gel

Hey All

On Sunday we posted about our visit to the Lush Cardiff store for their Mother’s Day and Easter Event. 

One of the first things we tried was the Yummy Mummy shower gel. It’s an amazing purple colour and lathers up really well.

It’s got a sweet smell to it almost reminds us of strawberries. It’s main ingredients for scent are Brazillian Orange Oil, Tonka Absolute (this contributes to the sweet smell), Carrageenan extract for moisturising and Geranium oil for balancing and toning.




Neither of us have actually tried Lush shower gels before so we were excited to have the product tested on us in store and even more excited when we found it in our goodie bag.


One of the most impressive things we’ve found is how much the smell lasts. I’ve never noticed the scent from a shower gel stay on the skin before. It leaves a beautiful after smell which lasts even longer when paired with the Yummy Mummy body conditioner which is a great in the shower moisturiser, perfect for cold mornings when you don’t want to wait for a moisturiser to sink in.

M is already planning to buy more to stock up before it gets discontinued! If you’ve not smelt it head down to your local lush. It’s a great one for mum’s or as a treat to yourself.

Their mother’s day range is so perfect, there are sets ranging in all sizes and with products that smell as good as these why on earth would you go anywhere else??

And have you SEEN the Mother Superior Bubble Bar?? So cute!!

Love L and M


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