Maybelline Dream Satin Foundation

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This has been another hectic weekend for me. I was away in Bath for a friends hen do. It was a really good weekend but I was left disappointed by Bath Spa. I’ve wanted to go for such a long time but it was definitely very expensive for what you got. Scarily I’ve also now been taken off cake duty to be on official bridal and bridesmaid hair and make up. As someone who is totally self taught and only ever does my own face I’m nervous ha!

Anyway onto today’s review. Just before I went to Iceland we went back to my parents for a weekend. Annoyingly I got home and realised that in trying to pack light for Iceland I’d only grabbed one foundation and it was a foundation that was currently about two shades too dark for me. This meant a rush into my local town (which is small ) to try and find a foundation. If I’d been in Cardiff I’d have just grabbed my old faithful Illamasqua skin base but as I was home this wasn’t an option so grabbed two Maybelline ones and hoped they were ok.

If your around my age I’m sure you’ll have tried dream matte mouse. When I was in school that was the bees knees of foundation. Add a thick layer of that bad boy and you had a ‘perfect’ skin! I was curious to see what the liquid was like. 

I picked up the dream satin liquid hoping it was different to it’s mouse type sister. It comes in 8 shades with light porcelain being the lightest. I do feel like they could do with a shade lighter as it is border line for me. It comes in simple glass packaging with a pump. A pump always makes a foundation a winner for me.



The dream satin liquid felt nice and the hand and blended in easily to give a light coverage.Unless I’m on a night out now I prefer light coverage. I don’t like my face to feel masked and if I have a spot I sort of think oh well I’m probably not covering that without a very heavy layer of make up, and to be honest I’m too lazy for that in the mornings (this comes from the girl who usually does her make up on the bus as that means I get 10 extra minutes in bed.


Bare skin


Just foundation


Finished and set with powder

The dream satin liquid claims to have an air whipped texture to give an airbrushed 100% pore less skin. I definitely don’t agree with that. It doesn’t emphasise my pores but it definitely doesn’t make them disappear. It does give a nice medium natural coverage and the satin finish as promised. It was also a thicker than I expected but it does blend into the skin effortlessly I find it needs a few minutes to sit in the skin before you powder. It will cover the redness in my skin and spots if they aren’t too bad.


Definitely not covering pores and does take a few minutes to settle or it looks shiny! 

I find it lasts enough to get me through a work day but would need topping up if I was out after work and wanted to look good.

For me it’s a good everyday foundation but I do prefer bourjois to this if I was picking high street.

Have you tried either of these?

Do you have a preference?

Love M


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