Topshop Lipstick in Nuclear


Quite often I buy things and don’t post about them (which is scary really as I think I post quite enough!) and this lipstick is one of them. I’ve had it kicking around in handbags for a while but even though I wear it regularly I hadn’t posted about it, so I decided to change that.

I bought it on a random shopping trip, as most of my purchases are, and it became my first ever Topshop make up purchase. I’ve heard lots of things about their products and so many rave reviews for things such as nail polishes to highlighters. I thought it was time for me to investigate too!



The lipstick I picked up is called Nuclear and it’s from their regular range – i.e. not limited edition.
The packaging was a little odd, the box itself was fine but I did wonder why it was sellotaped shut. Is make up crime in Cardiff that high?!

I wouldn’t be surprised actually, this is much more preferable to buying a lipstick and finding out someone else has already used it. Not that this is just a Cardiff thing but as it’s where I live and shop most it does seem to be a problem!




I also love the starry pattern on the outside of the casing – the matte black background and shiny stars are pretty but still chic, good work Topshop. The lipstick is a sheer colour which is what I love for daywear, I do sometimes love a bold lip for day but normally for an occasion so I stick with sheer mostly.

The black packaging is quite elegant when the lipstick bullet is twisted up, and I think it looks quite expensive considering the actual price tag of £8. Below shows with and without flash:




The formula is really creamy and sheer, it’s hydrating without being too heavy and contains enough colour to know it’s there without being over powering. I’d say there’s also a certain level of buildability too as you can definitely get a more intense colour if you apply a few layers as shown below



Here is what it looks like on the lips in day light (shocker that we actually had some!)



As you can see it’s sheer with a glossy finish and I’d say a good few hours wear time. You’d need to reapply after a meal but then I would say you have to do that with most sheer lipsticks.

Also a little nod to the name – Nuclear. Anything sciencey and coral just screams at my attention and I couldn’t leave the shop without it. It’s super wearable and the perfect foray into lipsticks if you’re not yet acquainted with them, and if you’re like me, perfect for an understated lip for work.

It’s definitely a winner in my books and I will be browsing their collection next time I’m in store to see if there are any similar offerings.

Have you got any favourites from the Topshop product range? Do product names grab your attention as well or is it just me that’s a sucker for them?

L xxx

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