Fitness Friday: Current Workout

Hello there!

Fitness recently has been a topic that I just haven’t been able to get my head around.

I absolutely love it and still enjoy going to the gym and trying out new exercises, however with my training in work being seemingly endless and the copious amount of paperwork and appointments involved in buying a house it has definitely taken a back seat in reality and in my head.

The last two weeks though I have been getting back into it with all of the muscle ache to go with it!

Here’s my latest program:

5 minute warm up on the cross trainer – a lot of people have a bit of an obsession or a loathing of the cross trainer, I have neither. I think it’s useful for my 5 minute warm up as it loosens my legs and arms and gets my heart rate going!

Image from Technogym

After this I’ve been getting on the Wave Machine – it simulates speed skating which means your legs move on pedals in a similar way to a cross trainer, but instead they go out to the sides. You can stand in 4 different positions, leaning on the hand rail or standing freely for the intensity to be in different muscle groups, but essentially it targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back and if you manage to balance and stand up for whole time then you’ll target abs as well!
I’ve been building this up as my lower back has a weakness but 10 minute blocks at a high level of 12 is how I’ve been doing it. The higher the level the wider the pedals move apart, therefore making it more difficult.

Once my 10 minutes on that are up (and I’m dripping in sweat, it really gets me working hard!) I head to the mats.

Image from

At this point I’ve been working on my Bulgarian Split Squats. If you don’t know what they are you can view this video on youtube of Erin Stern.
I’ve been varying my weights whilst I get comfortable with the balance and the motion of squatting essentially on one leg, but I definitely need to work harder and squat lower, I am nowhere near Erin’s level of almost hitting the ground with my lower knee where I’ve dropped so low, I need to work harder!

I’ve also been twinning this into a superset with tricep dips, and using the bench for those putting my feet as far out in front of me as I can. My shoulders are starting to look better for it but I can’t say my triceps look any smaller! The arms always take such a long time to get smaller and show muscle.

Image from Women’s Health Mag

After doing two sets of each of the squats and tricep dips I’ve been using 2 4kg dumbells and doing another super set of 15 x lateral raises followed by 15 x shoulder press. My shoulders need so much work and they burn after doing almost anything, I need to vastly improve on this area too!

Once I’ve completed this I get back on the Wave machine for another 10 minutes, as long as I’ve got some decent music plugged in this second set can go faster that the first set!

Needless to say I come off it a bit of a sweaty mess, last night it actually almost ran off my nose, then you know that you’re working hard!

Then I get back to the mats. I’ve been loving doing some glute bridges recently as they were something I’d never tried before, here is a video for you to see. I’ve been trying to do them with a 5kg or 8kg weight to make it a bit more difficult, but you can feel the burn in these and the bonus is its a lying down exercise too!

Recently I’ve been getting as much ab and core exercises in as possible, planks are always the best but I can’t say I’m good at them.
I actually prefer side planks with dips so I do a couple of them too,

My lower stomach area is definitely my worst feature, so I’ve been working double hard on doing leg drops but have to be careful with my lower back. I either hold a weight and alternate left leg, right leg and then both together, or I go crazy and do a many together as I can and I’m definitely improving.
I’ve been trying to push my hips up at the last minute to do a reverse crunch too and it’s a killer ab combo!

So this is what I’ve been doing recently, trying to rev up my metabolism again and get back into fitness with some completely new exercises.

What have you been trying out recently? Have you mastered Bulgarian split squats? Do you have any tips?

Are you a fan of the Wave machine for burning calories and getting you sweaty?

I’m aiming to lose some pounds that I’ve gained recently, hoping to lose half a stone over the next few weeks by getting back into exercise and reigning in my diet.

What are you fitness goals?

L xxx

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