Fitness Friday: Spring Shake Up


The last few weeks I’ve been struggling to keep up the motivation and focus. The ‘New Year’ enthusiasm has definitely packed up and gone so I’ve been looking into new ways to get back into it.

Working long hours with training, sorting out house stuff for my mortgage and solicitors and travelling with work have all meant that my exercise regime has all but disappeared. Now things with the house is mostly sorted and my work trips are only 2 days long I’ve been trying to get back into it.

I’ve been catching up on my fitness magazines and finding new workouts to try out but noticed that there were a lot of new programs starting online soon or that are available on the internet for free.

Tone It Up: Bikini Series 2015 – the TIU girls are amazing, I have huge crushes on both of them and I would absolutely love to look like either of them! 

Look at their beautiful abs!

I signed up straight away for their latest Bikini Series, they do it every year and it’s an 8 week challenge. You get a new timetable every week with exercises and they regularly post recipes too – worth signing up for to give you motivation into your inbox regularly!

Muscle and Fitness 6 Week Fat Blast Program – another program this time for 6 weeks. This program consists of 3 full body workouts a week with 2 days dedicated to cardio and 2 for resting. This allegedly maximises fat burning and muscle growth and the workouts are detailed on the website, 2 full body workouts that you alternate and also 2 cardio routines. 

For someone that needs everything given to them at once so they can get their head around it and plan, this is perfect!

Shape’s No Fail Fat Loss Plan is also another 6 week program. This program is also given to you in advance, it contains 11 different programs detailed in separate pages with videos and demonstrations so you know exactly what you need to do. The good part about this program is that there is a good range of exercises to keep you entertained including tabata, cardio, stretches, HIIT and metabolism boosters. 

I haven’t tried any of these programs myself but having had a quick browse they look pretty good to me, a good range of exercises and catering to those who need time to prepare and those who need regular contact via email to keep their motivation up.

I will be reading through more closely and choosing some routines to try out myself, changing things up will boost my metabolism and keep my body guessing, both of which will help the fat burn faster!

Which of these do you think would be best for you? Will you be signing up for TIU as well as downloading the other programs?

It’s 2 months before ‘bikini season’ arrives, it might not be bikini season in the UK strictly, but holidays are definitely looming and baring my body isn’t going to be a pretty sight at the moment!

Hopefully this will keep me interested!

L xxx

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  1. Leanne Cornelius
    April 10, 2015 / 8:43 pm

    That sounds like way too much effort for me haha! I have been attempting to get the fitness up by walking with Aria, we did a two mile walk today which may not seem like a lot but it was mainly uphill which was a real workout with the pushchair!Good luck 🙂 Leanne – A Slice of My Life Wales

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