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Hey All

A bit of a late post from me. This week has been an up and down for me. Last weekend saw a sore throat turn into a painful chest and cough to stop me sleeping and finally into an ear infection on Thursday which despite antibiotics is still persisting. I’ve not felt so wiped out in ages (the late post is due to me falling asleep on the sofa)

It has been a good week workwise. I’m now off to London on Friday for an LTG meeting and my boss has recommeded me for membership which I’m really excited about and I’m finally getting the support I need to complete my portfolio of competence.

I’ve also been sorting and organising my make up. I had a bit of a make up sort out and got rid of some of the old stuff I knew I wouldn’t use. Some of it I was holding onto even though I didn’t like it or it didn’t suit me colourwise. It feels so much more productive to have a tidy make up area! I also got my hair done. It’s finally back light and is now an icy white with darker routes so hopefully I won’t have to dye it for a while. I love new hair it always makes me feel so much better!



The most exciting part of my week was finally getting my other half back after 45 days, despite feeling ill the excitement to see him takes over! After flight delays due to strikes and other problems with him getting back I ended up jumping on a train to meet him and catch up with his parents. If you’re with someone who works away nothing beats that first hug! He even came armed with macarons!! With the dude being back we also tucked into a lot of chocolate and hot cross buns. My easter kinda waited until he was home.


OMG!!! These were the best one’s I’ve tasted yet. You definitely taste the difference between cheap ones! They were perfectly crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle!



This weekend we spent it at my parents them at a friends wedding. I actually did the bride and bridesmaids hair and make up which was a terrifying responsibility but the brides appreciation made it all worth the stress of the morning and she looked beautiful. It was such a great fun wedding with a tea party, pig roast and tower of cheese!! Hello perfection.


After I persuaded the bride’s niece to draw on him he proceeded to rub his face into mine! Which resulted in me having a blue face!



For a wedding present we got them some pots from a local ceramicist who was at the Cardiff Christmas Markets, It was great to chat some a local seller and hear about it and it definitly makes me want to shop local more! His name is Dean Bolt if you’re from South Wales and after some great bits! I love the colours he uses!



So that’s a little life update from me. I’m really hoping this week I can finally kick this illness!!

Love M


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