Lush Baths

Hey all.

Hope you’ve had great weekends. Mine was spent in Oxford which was a great break away. I’m a massive fan of lush products and have been in there a lot lately so thought I’d share a few of my new discoveries with you. I’m a huge lush fan and love a good soak in the bath.

The first product I purchased was You’ve been mangoed. I bought this when L and I went to a spring event. I’ve not tried any of the bath melts before as I’m a bit of a sucker for pretty things and these just don’t draw my eye. My skin has been so dry lately (probably not helped by my laziness at moisturising!) that I thought I’d give a bath melt a go. Plus the mango smelt amazing.

As I hadn’t used one before I was a bit dubious at how it would melt in the bath and whether it would leave me and the bath feeling greasy and like I’d want a shower after. I dropped it in the bath and it slowly melted into the water. The bath smelt amazing. The colour remained as normal and my worries of a slimey bath were wrong. You could definitely feel the cocoa,al avocado and mango butters had been to work after getting out. My skin felt amazing and soft and not greasy. The lemon and lime oils helped balance out the mango so it smelt sweet and fresh but not sickly. 

I’ll definitely be back for more of these. I may try using half next time and combining it with a bath bomb? Have you tried doing this? Any combination recommendations? 

The next lush product I treated myself too was the honey bee bath bomb. After a hen weekend I was exhausted and wanted something to relax with. I love honey scented things and for a long time honey I washed the kods was always in my shower.  I love the yellow and browns of the bath bomb. It’s got a lovely sweet honey scent and also contains sweet orange oil. The bath bonb itself has rhassoul mud in to help cleanse the body (I probably needed something detoxifying after my weekend but cleansing was good enough!).

In the bath it fizzed away to leave a yellow water. Which you’d expect from a honey scented bath bomb but there is just something about yellow water that I don’t find appealing. It left the bath smelling lovely and was relaxing.

The last bath bomb I picked up was big blue. I tend to go for more sweet frangrances but fancied a different one. Big Blue contains arame seaweed which is rich in vitamins and minerals and also contains sea salt, lemon and lavender oil.

 The lavender oil isn’t over powering and the bath bomb has a lovely fresh scent.

I love the colour this bath bomb turns the bath. It’s an amazing lush blue and leaves me dreaming of a beach and water that colour. It releases the seaweed into the bath which is in slightly big pieces for my liking as it made for a messy clean up and they were hard to get down the plug hole. This bath was also amazing as it was in a hotel and a roll top bath!

All these bath products were £3.35. I love trying new lush bath bombs. What’s your recommendation? 

Love M


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