Avon Big and Daring Mascara

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If you’ve read this blog for a while you’ll know I love trying new mascaras and with my mum doing Avon I regularly get to try those as she buys me them before they get released.

The Big and Daring mascara is one I’ve had sat in my stash for a while but as I’m a fan of big volumised lashes I figured it should come out of the stash.

The packaging is simple black and while with quite a fat tube. I guess added to the big part of the name. The brush is a huge bristle brush which is my favourite type. I’m not a fan of plastic brushes in general and find for how I like my lashes bristle brushes work better. There seems to be a built in filter which stops the brush coming out of the tube with thick layers of mascara on it. The brush also has a slight curve to it which really helps to lift the lashes.

Here you can see how big the brush is and how well the shape of it lifts the lashes up from root.

This curl stays on my lashes all day.

This is with two coats of mascara on. It really thickens my lashes and is a really black colour. It adds length and lifts the lashes too. The brush although big doesn’t leave me with loads of mascara all over my face. It can sometimes dispense too much onto the tips of my lashes and leave them looking a little clumpy if I’m not careful.

All in all though a great mascara that seems to do it all. It also lasts all day and doesn’t leave any marks in my concealer which I find some mascaras can drift down into it. It’s also easy to remove with normal cleanser at the end of the day!

Have you used any Avon Mascaras? I find I love most of them. You can always grab avon through a representative or directly online.

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