Fitness Friday: Spitfire Athlete App


I’ve been trying to branch out and vary my routine as much as possible recently – it’s hard enough getting to the gym and working it in around your life let alone now that wedding season seems to be in full swing along with trips for work and basically it’s endless!

The other day I found this amazing app on the iTunes app store. Now I will straight away tell you that I’ve seen a number of complaints because the app is only available on iPhones and therefore not Android – so if you like the look of it feel free to make complaints as I’m sure they will have to create an Android one soon with demand!

The Spitfire Athlete app is an app that teaches you how to train to reach your goals. They follow these basic principles:

  • The training plans are created by certified coaches
  • Guides on training, nutrition and recovery
  • Detailed exercise instruction

The most important factor? They built up Spitfire Athlete for women to show them how strong and powerful they can be.

They’d like to promote the ‘athlete’s mentality’ to help you set and achieve your goals whether they are strength, power, flexibility or physique.

You can check out their website here, and see a quick bio of each of the two female founders Erin and Nidhi showen below, respectively.

The plans are separated into Gym workouts and Bodyweight workouts. They all have epic names that motivate you and make you strive for more: The Fighter, The Warrior, The Heroine. 

Some look totally out of my fitness range if I’m honest but working towards them is something I can definitely do. 

I would love to complete The Dauntless, a 12 week training plan to build serious muscle with each and every day with set exercise routines and rest days. Each day is dedicated to a different muscle group and contains a warm up and cool down. More impressively they include a timer for those exercises that require you to complete it in a set time – this is something that always makes me so annoyed with running apps that suggest you run for 1 minute and walk for 1 minute, they don’t make it easier!

Personally I will be trying The Heroine, a HIIT based plan whereby you will build muscle, lose fat and increase metabolism, most ideal for me. It’s only a 4 week plan so will give me a good feel for the exercises and hopefully some new challenges!

More importantly than anything else the app is totally free and they also have a facebook group to join (Spitfire Athlete) for you to join others and socialise.

What do you think of the Spitfire Athlete app? Do you think it sounds like something you would like to try?

I think it’s a great idea and I love that the whole idea is created by 2 women, I will certainly be promoting this app and I hope more people try it out and come up with ideas like this!

It’s so motivating and inspiring to know that there are other women doing the same exercises.

L xxx

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