Fitness Friday: Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me

I don’t know about you, but I love reading lists and tips, especially when the tips are concerning fitness and diet.

I’ve been coming up with this list of tips recently that I wish I had known before I’d set out on my fitness journey, so I thought I’d share some with you, I may need to add to this in future!

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1) Progress is progress, and most progress is slow. Don’t get disheartened because progress is always a step in the right direction

2) Regardless of your diet, unless you are eating enough to sustain your body through your exercise and general life you will not be able to function nor progress

3) You also need to stop yourself from going OVER your calorie allowance – it doesn’t matter how ‘clean’ you eat if you are taking in too many calories for your body to burn

4) Don’t make a big deal of your gym sessions – there’s no need to snapchat, instagram or facebook your every workout. If I did that I would be doing it 4 days a week and lets be honest, nobody wants to see it. I am also firmly of the belief that posting your workouts on social media makes them seem like they’re special – you don’t post every meal or when you go to sleep, why post your workouts and make them more special than they need to be? Save it for your cheat meals and you know you’ve earned them!

5) Don’t cut out food groups or foods unless you really do have an allergy/intolerance. Cutting something out just makes you feel like you’re missing out, a balanced diet is the best lifestyle to live

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6) Save your money on the latest ‘must have’ products – a decent protein and caffeine are probably all that you really need to complement your fitness plan

7) If you’re tired or run down, don’t force yourself to the gym. Your body is telling you it needs a break – don’t make it worse by running it down even further!

8) Put down the slimmer teas, stop drinking your calories in the forms of juices and fizzy drinks. Just stick with water and normal teas such as peppermint (good for bloat) and green tea (good for metabolism and natural caffeine) and you don’t need to spend £25 on a few bags of stuff that will give you stomach cramps for a few days.

9) Concentrate on warming up, form, and cooling down. The benefits of these cannot be underestimated, it’s no use pumping weights if you’re doing it wrong and injure yourself.

10) Everyone is different, embrace advice and suggestions but know what’s working for you – notice someone at the gym doing something you might want to try? Go for it, don’t feel like you need to use the same weights or do as many reps

What do you think of my list? See anything on there that might help you?

I’m nowhere near perfect but if I had known some of these things a few months of years ago then maybe I wouldn’t have fallen off the wagon so many times in frustration!

L xxx

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