Nip and Fab: No Needle Fix Serum

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Another joint post from us. After I found a great deal on Nip and Fab products in Debenhams last year L and I have been hooked and loved most of them. This is a product from the original haul but it’s taken me a while to use it as I forgot about it in my stash.

We are both skincare fans and we’re hoping that in the long run all the money we spend on skincare will be worth it and that ultimately prevention will be better than cure. As our skin at the moment is ok wrinkle wise (we’re both starting to occasionally notice the fine lines on the forehead!) I find it hard in some ways to review skincare.

For me anything that leaves my skin feeling hydrated without greasy and sinks into the skin is usually a hit with me.



We got the No Needle Fix serum in a set as it was even cheaper that way. We’ll be reviewing Frown Fix soon but it wasn’t one we enjoyed so we wouldn’t recommend the set. We love serums. At a Neal’s Yard Remedy event we were told the importance of serum and it’s stuck with me ever since. Moisturisers moisturise the layer of skin on the surface and serums work on skin cells below the surface.

As I have combination skin I love serums as they help replace some of the moisture my skin needs without making it greasy.



The Nip and Fab No Needle Fix serum has a light gel texture that easily sinks into the skin. I find I need more of this product than I normally need with a serum but my skin loves it and so far it’s lasting well. Above you can see some of the key ingredients which help to improve the skins texture.



Since using this morning and night my skin has stayed clearer. It easily sinks into my skin and doesn’t leave my skins feeling moisturised but not greasy. After a few weeks of using it my skin has been left feeling plump and healthy. It just looks better. One thing we love about Nip and Fab is the affordability. For this reason I think this will definitely be a repurchase and as L has tried other serums I’ll be asking her recommendations and mixing it up. This has been a favourite serum so far.

M xxx


I have to agree with M that I love the serums that hydrate my skin without feeling heavy or greasy on my skin, the last thing I need is more grease!
Serums are really important to hydrate the skin at its lowest levels as moisturisers don’t reach that far down. I’ve noticed a massive improvement in my skin since I’ve started using a serum and its my second most important product after a cleanser.


Using this serum both morning and night has hydrated my skin but not left a greasy layer on it, nor has it reacted and caused breakouts. For £14.95 this serum does a really good job, but I have found that the Dragon’s Blood serum (review here) was better for my skin.

This product had a good effect on my skin but I just felt that the other serum was better. I’d repurchase this if the Dragon’s Blood serum was sold out in shops, but if I had the choice of the two I’d pick the other.
This serum is quite thick, and sometimes it doesn’t absorb as fast into my skin as some other thinner serums, and that’s probably the only thing I can pinpoint that might be a downside to this product as it really does exactly what it should.


Have you tried many products from Nip and Fab?

I think between us we have tried almost everything! 

Do you have a favourite range or product from them?

I can recommend the Viper Venom, Glycolic and Dragon’s Blood ranges, I’ve not met a product I didn’t like from them!

L xxx

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