Street Food Circus

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As promised earlier in the week, here is my review on the Street Food Circus, it opened up just last weekend.

Situated behind Radisson Blu hotel in Cardiff right next to the No Fit State circus this was an impressive event, though my photos don’t seem to do it any justice!


Having kickstarted the Street Food trend in Cardiff to begin with, SFC have really done an amazing job this time with the Street Food circus. They had an amazing array of food from pizzas, hotdogs and churros to Lebanese, Greek and Hokkei – the Asian takeaway run by two Masterchef finalists.

Below shows my choosing from Hokkei, beef brisket, kimchee and black beans in a soft doughy bun – it was pretty amazing!




What was most pleasing to me at the bar was the discovery of Pimms Cider Cup – as an avid cider and Pimms drinker I’d like to congratulate the inventor of this amazing beverage. Hands down this will be my drink of the summer and I can’t wait to have more! (I was driving so only one bottle for me this weekend!)

The idea for the Street Food events is that you eat from a few different stands to experience a variety of foods that you might not otherwise have tried. I did play it safe this time, I knew I would love the Asian food from Hokkei and my second choice was the infamous Dirty Fried Chicken (DFC).

Arguably most famous for their controversial logo, their chicken has been raved about by many and as a chicken fan I couldn’t leave without trying it.



It most definitely didn’t disappoint, the chicken was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. It came with a pot of sauce of your choice and a homemade slaw. I liked this but as someone who can’t really deal with celery I couldn’t finish it off…..sorry DFC!


Between the two ends of food stalls there is also a massive circus tent with the bars inside, and plenty of seating. There are your usual rows of chairs and tables and also a few random vehicles and sofas to sit on and devour your food. It’s also decorated with bunting and a disco ball – who doesn’t love a disco ball!

There were so many more food places I wanted to try, the HangFire Smokehouse and Dough boys stands are some I have seen a few times at events and am still yet to try, the Lebanese food and the stand selling the Welsh cockles and crab in flatbreads.
I need to go back and sample more food!

Have you been to the Street Food Circus? Do you have street food events in your cities?

I’d fully recommend trying out any event like this, though I am a big food enthusiast!

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  1. JC Cross-Jones
    May 9, 2015 / 11:07 am

    I love street food event but sadly haven't been able to get to this or depot in cardiff yet. We went to one in Copenhagen when we were there, its a permanent event 4 days a week and it was awesome! Two Hearts One Roof

  2. Amy Daniel
    May 9, 2015 / 12:42 pm

    DFC is my ultimate favourite! So yum! I haven't been to the circus yet because I'm on a diet and it will be my treat when I lose 8lb! X

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