MAC Mineralize Multi Effect Mascara

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Today’s review is of another MAC mascara – I’ve certainly been raiding their shelves recently and this one in particular was from the Cosmetics Company Outlet in Swindon on a recent trip there. I already need another  trip now that my favourite face wash and foundation are both running low, but still can’t get there for another few months!

This mascara is the Multi Effect Lash mascara from their Mineralize range. It costs £21 at full price and I picked it up for £14.75 at the outlet.




I chose Charged Black, I always choose a black mascara as my lashes are already black as they are but it surprised me that they didn’t have a brown option too.

The packaging was pretty standard for MAC, black and sleek.




This Mineralize mascara contains a unique combination of 77 Mineral Complex including shea butter, emollients and conditioning extracts to help keep your eyelashes soft and flexible. 

The brush looks pretty standard, there’s nothing about it that screams out that it is anything different from any other mascara. 


So what does it look like on the lashes?


I’d say it works pretty well at lengthening my lashes, they look longer and blacker without being clumpy.
I do normally like a bit more volume in my look but for day time it’s perfectly fine. I bought this on the horrifying occasion that I went out without mascara on, it wasn’t a planned purchase but nevertheless it has been a good addition to my make up bag.


What do you think of MAC mascaras? Do you think they are worth the extra money?

If I’m honest I don’t normally think that spending more on mascara is worth it, but that’s because my lashes don’t seem to respond to curling or any kind of taming, so lengthening and volumising is my only option!

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  1. Beauty Bird
    June 9, 2015 / 6:02 am

    I tried a MAC mascara years ago and it didn't do anything for me – think it might have been Zoom Lash or something like that. It's put me off trying any other MAC ones xxRamblings of a Beauty Bird | Beauty Blog

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