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Hey Guys

With us being scientists as soon as we heard there was an ice cream shop called Science Cream we were instantly intrigued. Science Cream is based in Castle Arcade off of St Mary Street. The arcades in Cardiff are full of amazing little unique shops and cafes (We were eyeing up Madame Fromage for a tasty lunch stop soon!).

Science Cream is an amazing concept that freshly makes ice cream per individual order. They do this by adding liquid nitrogen to kitchen aids which instantly freezes it! How amazing is that. Because it’s frozen so quickly by the liquid nitrogen it makes creamy ice cream with fewer particles of ice!

As soon as we walked in we loved it. The guys behind the counter were in lab coats, the ice cream mixers were in conical flasks and utensils were held in beakers. The geeks in us were happy.



There is a big board up behind the counter advertising the days flavours, toppings and sauces. They also have gluten and dairy free options on the menu as well as vegan choices! It seems there is a kitchen aid for eat flavour as well with it’s own utensils so there is no worry about mixing them up.

L opted for a salted caramel ice cream with salted caramel sauce and homemade brittle. I was fancying something black forest eqsue and couldn’t resist the malted ice cream with chocolate and raspberry sauce and meringue


Here is our ice cream being made as we wait just after the liquid nitrogen has been poured in.


We both opted for Moroccan mint teas to accompany our ice cream. I was happy to see it was loose leaf as I’m becoming a bit of a tea snob and much prefer loose leaf lately!


My ice cream as you can see above was pretty big. This was the regular option which comes in at £3.50 for ice cream, a sauce and topping. Considering all the sauces are handmade and some of the toppings too I think it’s a reasonable price for a large portion. The ice cream was also some of the creamiest I’ve had.


L’s was the salted caramel flavour with peanut brittle and salted caramel sauce and was completely addictive.

We’ll both definitely be back for more.

Have you tried Science Cream yet?

Love L and M


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