Batiste Dark Brown Dry Shampoo

Hello there!

I might be a little awol over the next few days as I’ve just got the keys to my new house! I’m so excited but also terrified, so much to do and moving out by myself is going to be SCARY.

Today’s post is based on my favourite dry shampoo ever, Batiste is the best that I have ever tried and so I stick with it, for the effects and the price. Recently I picked up the dark and deep brown dry shampoo.




I absolutely love it! It works just like the normal dry shampoo, absorbs all of the grease without leaving a shed load of residue and also doesn’t show up white on my super dark hair.

It’s life saver for when I wake up in the morning and my hair is a greasy mess, I can normally anticipate when my hair is going to look like an oil slick and I spray my usual dry shampoo on my hair before bed. This by the way is my number one tip, always spray it on before bed and wake up with super gorgeous voluminous non-greasy hair with minimal effort!



Ever since I’ve had a fringe cut back in though I find that it can go greasy super fast, even the day after washing. This has been an absolute life saver in the mornings, especially when I’m in a rush for work.
Honestly even with my almost black hair I can spray this on and not even have to rub it in or brush it out, I just leave it there and it sorts my hair out all day. It’s like magic!


I don’t know about you but my general hair appearance is much improved since dry shampoo came along – my styling might be lazy but at least it will never look greasy!

Which is your favourite dry shampoo? Do you go for the normal, the scented, the voluminous or the coloured?

I think every one of them serves its purpose!

L xxx

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