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I recently wrote a post about how I’ve just bought my own house – I’m still moving my stuff and still don’t have broadband either (let’s not even get on that conversation shall we….) but my house is feeling so much more like a home now that it doesn’t smell of cleaning or paint.

ORla Kiely have some absolutely amazing products for the home.



Orla Kiely is relaunching her Home Fragrance collection by adding three new fragrances to the three pre-existing ones, each with their own statements prints.
I was kindly sent the Sicilian Lemon Reed Diffuser and Orange Rind Scented Candle for my new home and I can’t have been more pleased with them!




The Sicilian Lemon reed diffuser contains a blend of lemon, mint, frankincense and lavender oils, and to be honest it smells fantastic. I’m a huge lover of citrus and mint scents so this is perfect for me.

The bottle is also beautiful, the pattern is beautiful and typical Orla Kiely. Prints with patterns please me due to their symmetry, this is the kind of bottle that you would be happy to put out on display around your house.



I can’t comment as to how long the scent lasts for as they have been in my house for a week and still going strong as you would expect. The reed diffuser is in the window in my living room that over looks the garden, I can smell it every time I walk through my living room and especially when the doors are open! 

The Orange Rind Scented Candle is another amazing product. The pattern is again beautiful and symmetrical and the colours match the scent.



The candle contains orange rind, sandalwood, eucalyptus and nutmeg for a warming glow that reminds me of winter time as oranges always do – but it isn’t a wintery scent at all.

I love the jar that it comes in as it was so simplistic but also comes with a matching coaster to put your candle on, it’s touches like this that make a product what it is.



Here is the candle on my windowsill on the stairs, I’m slowly but surely filling my house with citrus scents and it smells wonderful!

What I love most about these products is that the fragrances are so accurate and not synthetic at all.


The Sicilian Lemon Reed Diffuser is 200ml and costs £32, the Orange Rind Scented Candle is 200g and costs £25.
I always think it pays to buy a more expensive home fragrance product, you cannot beat a genuine scent and these are really great.

Do you like Orla Kiely patterns? What’s your favourite scent?

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