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We were recently sent some snacks to try as part of a Organic September. Both L and I try to eat healthy as much as possible and organic is something my other half and I have been recently trying to buy. We recently made the decision to start up Riverford veg boxes which is a company that delivers in season organic fruit and veg! We are loving these so far and it definitely seems to taste better.  We also had a lot of hello fresh boxes which some of the products were organic (I’m not sure if it all was or not, you can read about those here).

Organic snacking isn’t something I’ve really thought to look into, especially not teas. I love teapigs and some of them are organic but not all. 


As soon as the parcel arrived I couldn’t wait to taste everything. I’m a fan of different teas and rooibos is a favourite. I’ve had the oatcakes a lot before as my mum was wheatfree for a while.




Kromland Farm Organic Rooibos Caramel Tea* retails for £2.49 for 40. For herbal teas I think it’s a pretty standard price and not much more than normal herbal teas. For me I will definitely be repurchasing this. For a while I’ve been trying to reduce my caffeine intake. I have one of the giant sports direct mugs (tacky I know but as a tea lover the bigger the better, size matters!!) in work and I was drinking about 5 mugs of tea , green tea or coffee and more at home. Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and the natural caramel flavours adds a touch of sweetness to a rich tea. I like to drink this without milk. I’ve been swapping out about 3 of my massive mugs of tea for this instead so hopefully I’ll be weaned off caffeine again soon except for my morning cuppa! I’m pretty evil without that! 




Next up is the Ombar Buttons Coco Mylk * which retail for £1.49. I was really dubious about these. I instantly assumed dairy free would then be some sort of fake chocolate and just not taste good or it would taste overly sweet. I was so pleasantly surprised by them. They get there flavour from Raw Cacao and coconut palm sugar. These are so good, they have a great natural chocolate flavour which is still creamy and not excessively sweet and a perfect taste of coconut that isn’t overly fake. I also love that the ingredient list is pretty small, when I know most of the ingredients on something it does make me more intrigued to eat it. As well as being dairy free they are suitable for vegans!

Not the healthiest of snacks but both L and I would rather get out sweet treats in this way then a normal bar of chocolate.

Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds

Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds

Clearspring Snack Organic Tamari Roasted Sicilian Almonds* retail for £1.49. These were the clear winner in the snack we got to try. L is much better at snacking on nuts than I am. I don’t tend to buy them much and I really should as they are a great source of fat and protein. To me unless I fancy it nuts seems a bit boring but these have got a great taste to them. It’s hard to explain, slightly sweet, sour and just good really! (there is a reason I’ll never be a food blogger I struggle beyond it tastes good, it tastes bad!!). I loved these so much I’ve already ordered more. They are great to keep at my desk for when I want a savoury snack.

Nairns Organic Oatcakes



Nairns Organic Oatcakes* retail for £1.09. I’ve had these a lot before as I mentioned above my mum used to follow a wheatfree diet so got these instead of bread. I’ll start with what annoys me with them. I wish they came in 6 packs of 4 oatcakes rather than 4 pack of 6. When there is 6 in a pack I eat them all but would have been satisfied at 4. I really like these and always have. I find them pretty tasty and snack on them dry as they are most of the time. Or if I’m having them for lunch will have something like tuna or avocado and salmon. They do seem to go with everything and are a great way to start to introduce organic foods into your diet. I would have normally picked up non organic without thinking but would always grab the organic ones instead now.

Do you purchase any organic food? Would you now consider it?

Love M


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