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Long time no post from me,  life really has been a bit crazy lately. The dude got back from a trip, I’ve had two weeks off work and just lots going on. I’ve got lots I want to share on here but thought today I’d do a little life update on some things I’ll probably go into more detail on soon.



Pretty soon after he got back we had a black tie dinner to attend to celebrate our kickboxing club. It was so nice to get all dolled up and I got to wear my bridesmaid dress from a few years ago too! I had so much fun we ended up staying out till about 1ish but by then my ankle was really sore as it was only a few weeks after I’d sprained it!



By the time he got back we’d planned stuff for all our weekends. The following one we headed up to London to see some of his friends from uni. We ended up travelling all over :London using the boats, cable car and tubes to have an explore and ended up at the Greenwich observatory. It was such a cool day and I was glad I finally got myself an oyster card as it made it all so much easier. After catching a super late bus back from London I had a spa day with my mum. I love going for treatments but was left a bit disappointed by the afternoon tea! Me and the dude also decided to let the parents meet each for the first time. Definitely scary but they all got on really well thankfully.



L and I also got to catch up properly. I swear I have no time at the moment. We went for a sushi date as it’s been ages and who can resist Yo Sushi! during September blues. We also headed to techniquest which you can read about here. Having never been I was so excited and definitely want to go to an afterdark session again!



Then the start of two weeks off work happened and some exciting developments. Me and the Dude, (I guess I should update him to C now to go along with the theme of things here!) have decided to move in together. We’ve been looking at places for a while but decided to finally go for it after finding a cute little house. I’m so excited to make it our home for the next year while we save to buy somewhere or travel. I’m already planning what I can make and he’s even said I can scratch off where I’ve been to his scratch map! That’s commitment right there ha!

For our two weeks off as loads of stuff was going on we decided to stay in the UK and go glamping after some friends had stayed in a Geo dome in Scotland. We decided to stay nearer to home and went to Hay-On-Wye. We had the best time there and I’ll share more on it as it was amazing!





We’ve also spent a few day’s in York visiting Cs grandma. I’d never been and loved all the buildings and little shops. We stayed in a really cute hotel. We also headed down to West Wales for a few days with my family for a break. It’s been a busy two weeks but great one’s too!



With it being the Rugby World Cup we’ve had busy weekends to fit in watching it all. I’ve loved seeing it but was definitely rather grumpy when England got knocked out! I finally managed to watch my first match in the Stadium too. What a match getting to see the Haka!! It was such a great atmosphere and I really need to go more now.




So there is my busy few weeks! It’s not going to get any easier either with now a house move in two weeks and busy weekends but it’ll all be worth it!

Love M


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  1. Sophie Blumenthal
    October 12, 2015 / 3:19 pm

    You have been such a busy bee, exciting about moving in and glamping in that dome thing look SO COOL.Sophie x

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